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Nakoula Basseley Nakoula/Sam Bacile- an open door to Anti-Semitism

(Pictures: the would be “Sam Bacile” with a comb over)

By now the news media is aware of the actions and consequences of Nakoula Bassely Nakoula…aka Sam Bacile. His film, Innocence of Muslims has spread like wildfire akin to that of the European anti-Muhammad cartoons. The movie itself looks like a spoof made by Tommy Wiseau or Adult Swim for their annual The Room April Fool’s Prank.

Unfortunately, this amateur and even ridiculous film is being blamed for the killings and violence that has erupted in the Middle East. A premeditated attack- yet blamed over a film. But rather than post the timeline and history or an expose about who Nakoula is, I am going to bring up a topic that is being ignored by the media.

If you do want a history and timeline I recommend these two posts:

Before the story unfolded, no one in the US knew about the film that sparked so much controversy. In fact, this has taken us by surprise. How could a movie that was virtually unknown in America for several months become a weapon against us by radical Islamist in the Middle East.

But here is one problem. Nakoula, under the guise of Sam Bacile the director, boldly proclaimed himself to be an Israeli-American Jew. Furthermore, he added that the movie was funded by anonymous Jewish donors and said Islam is cancer.,7340,L-4280316,00.html

However, this is the real “Sam Bacile”:

So, Sam Bacile/Nakoula is not really a Jew nor Israeli. Prompting some quick corrections by news outlets:

Nakoula, being an Egyptian Coptic Christian, would understand first hand the high levels of anti-Semitism in the Middle East. He would know that books like Mein Kamf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are some of the most popular books in Arab countries. From school books and book stores. Being a man born in Egypt he would understand the conflicts between the Arab world and Israel.

Nakoula understood this very well. He also understood the rage that his movie would cause. He knew it would bring about anger, protests, hatred, violence and death threats. And yet even though he himself is an Arab Christian,  he decided to call himself an “Israeli American Jew”. And that Jews funded the film. In other words, Zionists caused Muslims to become angry. Zionists plotted the film.

But why did Nakoula, knowing the consequences, call himself an Israeli Jew. He could have been responsible for more attacks on Jews all over the world. He could have been responsible for terrorists breaking into Chabad homes and Jewish schools to shoot at students. None of that happened this time, but Nakoula (through his plan of framing and scapegoating Jews for his film ) could have been responsible for attacks on more Synagogues, Jewish companies, schools the list goes on.

His decision to blame Jews for his film could be considered by some a blood libel. And to some, it may have been a calculated plan. During the shooting of the film, Nakoula introduced himself to actors as a wealthy Israeli real estate mogul, a Jew. One of the actors in the film explained that he proclaimed himself to be Israeli, later saying that he was Egyptian: 

Her is a quote from the Gawker article

According to Garcia, her three days on set last July were unremarkable. The film’s mysterious pseudonymous writer and director, “Sam Bacile,” has claimed to be an Israeli real estate mogul. But Garcia said Bacile told her he was Egyptian on set. Bacile had white hair and spoke Arabic to a number of “dark-skinned” men who hung around the set, she said. (A Bacile associate also told The Atlantic he wasn’t Israeli or Jewish.)

But for a while, everyone believed Sam Bacile was an Israeli Jew a that the film was concocted by an evil Jewish/Zionist scheme; the damage was out in the open. Look at Nakoula now. Once boldly proclaiming to be an Israeli Jew as Sam Bacile, is now recoiling in fear.

Permissible Anti-Semism

At the point when the film caught fire and was erroneously blamed on the killings of the American diplomats in Libya, news of the “Israeli Jewish Bacile” and his Zionist conspiracy was causing a lot of hateful anti-Semitic opinions to fly around the web. It was an anti-Semite’s dream- it really did not get any better. An Israeli Jew causes hatred that gets Americans killed.
The internet anti-Semites were ready to proclaim their hatred of Jews and Israel and used Sam Bacile as proof of their claims. (I will post pictures below). For the most part, people had a freeway to anti-Semitism. Calling for attacks on Jews, insulting remarks, stereotypes. Just like Hitler would blame Jews for the troubles of Germany did readers place blame on Sam Bacile and Jews for the troubles in the US, the Middle East. Scapegoating and blood libel. Yet the media is not following up on the anti-Semitism door that Nakoula opened by calling himself an “Israeli American Jew”.

Now that we all know that Bacile is an Arab Christian, however, none of the anti-Semitic attackers have commented on it.

White Nationalist forum Stormfront has made the 12+ page thread about Bacile/Nakoula’s film private:

I collected about 38 screenshots from the anti-Semitic attacks that resulted from Nakoula’s libel and am posting the slideshow so that everyone can see the hatred of some Yahoo users. These are the comments that user may leave under news story articles. I could not resist and replied to some of the anti-Semites, asking them how it feels now that they know that Nakoula is not a Jew but an Arab Coptic Christian. So far no reply. Here are the top hateful comments. Note how some of the comments have several thumbs up. Sadly, many people agreed with their hateful anti-Jewish sentiments. Which is an eye opener to see how anti-Semitism is growing. And how when a Jew gets blamed for something, it becomes permissible to say such anti-Semitic statements. Usually when people who are neutral, they tend to feel uncomfortable hearing racist comments.  But in this case (and after the brutal slaying of the diplomats and violence) many people seemed to agree with anti-Jewish attacks. in fact, it is permissible to call Jews insults. Let’s late a look: (courtesy of Yahoo comments)

Here is one that had NO thumbs other words no one disagreed with him. I had to reply to his post (he has not replied back)

There is plenty more where that came from, 38 screenshots and counting. Here is a slide show:

Why would Nakoula claim to be an Israeli Jew? He knew what he was doing. He knew what it could have caused to Jews. Is he a bigot who wanted to hit two birds with one stone. Attack Muslims while blaming Jews for it. In his case it did not work. But there is always the question of why.

For the most part, it seems that some people believe that anti-Semitic sentiments are prominent amongst the Middle Eastern Christian communities:

 I cannot say that this is the case with Nakoula until someone asks him why he pretended to be a Jew, but his actions speak loud and clear- he wanted Jews to be blamed for his film.

Personally, I experienced one attack from a Christian from Lebanon and some rude remarks by Copts. The Chrisitan from Lebanon asked me if I didn’t realize that The Holocaust happened to show us that G-d was no longer with us for “rejecting Jesus”. I let this man know many things in return. On the other hand, I met a very nice Jordanian Catholic man in college who was very open minded and loving of the Jewish people.

The Movie

As I mentioned previously, the movie seems like a spoof for an Adult Swim prank. It’s completely awful. The actress that spoke out in response to the film said she (and the other staff) had no idea this was meant to be an anti-Islam film.

Apparently she is correct. Her LinkedIn profile lists that she was in Desert Warrior (the working tittle of the film)

And Gawker magazine got a good screen shot of the original casting call for the film, under the working tittle Dessert Warrior:

It’s interesting that the casting call accepted SAG actors considering that by no means SAG would have been involved. And to be quite honest I don’t believe that any credible actor would accept to become involved with such a dubious casting call. One that does not go through agents.

In the end, it seems that the actors were duped. The media did not know about the film. It was out for a few months. Only when it was translated into Arabic did the violence begin and American readers started to comment on how Zionist  Jews are responsible for all the world troubles.

Nakoula could have said he was “An American Atheist” a “Greek Billionaire” a “South American Agnostic” a “European Buddhist” or simply “An American Filmmaker” but he used some calculated words “Israeli American Jew”.

The provocation the film caused became an opportunity for Westerners to be able to express their true feelings about Jews. We got a good glimpse at how acceptable it is to say anti-Jewish remarks under certain situations. And we saw how many agree with the sentiments. It makes one wonder, what else could happen to assist in bringing out the deep anti-Semitism of the average person?

We can begin by analyzing the roots of why Nakoula decided to call himself an “Israeli American Jew”. And it should be time for Yahoo (which is where I got my screenshots) and other news sources make a better expose of the anti-Semitism Nakoula provoked. In the end, I would like to note that nothing excuses the killings of any human being over this movie. Nothing excuses any attacks or the intolerance that we have seen from the Muslim world as a result of the film.

Other pictures:

I took this screenshot of Sam Bacile’s YouTube profile

How could people have believed that Sam Bacile was ever an Israeli Jew when his profile shows all his activity is from liking and commenting in Arabic? Not to mention that the begining of Innocent of Muslims shows persecution of Christians in Egypt. It is scary what people are willing to believe as long as it gets blamed on Zionists, Jews and Israel.


Free Movies For May (From YouTube)

You want free movies?? Well they’re in YouTube. I’ve been spreading the good word about this for some time.

This month there is a good selection and they’re FREE!!!

Here’s the link:

The Funky Funky Shtetl? And other Video/Movie Review

Grettings! Here I am happy and with a smile again! Today I am reviewing 3 videos:

Morirse Esta En Hebreo (My Mexican Shivah)
A Movie Review In The Works

Now this is what I call and Indie of all Indie films! Because it’s a Mexican movie about Mexican Jews! And they happen to be Ashkenazi (European) Jews…in Mexico, who speak Yiddish, Hebrew and Spanish! And where you can hear a mixture of klezmer with Mexican mariachi! The actors, who are mostly Mexican, also happen to be Jews as well.
Now this movie, I watched before but don’t remember much because it was a long time ago but I look forward to watching it soon and giving a review. The Shivah (funeral) is for Moshe, the head of the household who dies suddenly. Now the entire family must gather for the 7 days of mourning for Moshe. But the problem is that the family is dysfunctional. From Moshe’s lover (a woman who no one likes) to Nicolas who turned Chassidic yet is in trouble with the law and to his own temptations. To an all out physical family fight!! This is what I call a fun movie unfold before your very eyes. Here is the trailer and I am looking forward to watching this ASAP!
Unfortunately the American preview has NO narration and it annoys me but here is the better Spanish one which I am also adding at the end of this post.

Funky funky shtetl!!! Chassidim Go To Hollywood!
This one is called “Changing Hollywood”

Shtetl, by the way is Yddish for a Jewish village so I find the song in the beginning of this video hilarious:

“Talking about the shtetl..the funky, funky shtetl…Life is hard for the chosen ones…the funky funky shtelt”

This short fim/video is about two Chassidic Jews (Shaya and Itche) and their oftentimes clueless journey into Hollywood as they try to pitch a script to Steven “Shpielberg”. And it’s just brilliant- Chassdic Jews trying to make in Hollywood! Shaya the leader and Itche the calm sidekick.
Funny highlights of the video: The store called “Felty hats” The Steven “Shpielberg” instead of Spielberg and of course the spelling of Shaya’s last name (Machanohavich…m-a-CHA!!..) To people confusing their Yiddish for bad words. Obviously the actors behind the characters are comedians and I think they did a fantastic job.
And I love how the video is mixed between modern music which contrasts nicely with Shaya and Itche’s style.

I rate this funny and interesting and I hope Shaya and Itche get a movie soon! There are some times in the video that you kind of have to understand some Jewish/Yiddish terms or culture…which is no problem for me. But even if you don’t understand all the things they say, it’s a great way to learn about another culture so don’t be shy, give it a try! 🙂


And finally a video of my new spiritual leader: The Hollywooder Rebbe
Ok, so he’s not real! But still I wish I had him as a Rebbe, he seems hilarious.
My review of the video: I LOVE Yankel! The Rebbe and Yankel are actual Hollywood professionals who are taking a hilarious take of the Hollywood industry. I love listening to the Rebbe talk about the industry through his shailos! Well done, Rebbe! I hope to hear from you again soon! (Note: some may not understand all terms…but once you do you see the hilariousness of the video)

Better and complete Spanish trailer for My Mexican Shivah

Note: To any lawyers or upset people

If anyone has any issues with any of my blog posts let me say that you are more than welcomed to write me a message or send a C&D letter to WordPress and if they agree that any of my material is wrong I will be more than happy to edit or take anything down. I never thought an article of mine would cause so much controversy. All I did was ask some questions:

As far as what I wrote, everything is mere opinion. I’m not making accusations or threats, I am merely asking questions, posting links and asking the 2,000+ readers of that one controversial article to decide for themselves. I stand by my words as my right to free speech and as far as I know parody or opinions are not a crime. Also, I am not responsible for whatever people post on my comments and not responsible if others choose to copy the article into their blogs. And I don’t dox people either.

Anyways, if anyone still feels like my post is terrible then please approach either me in the comments section or WordPress and have them contact me. Should their legal team agree that there is something unethical in my post, then like I said I would be more than happy to get rid of any sections that might be labeled as breaking the WordPress TOS. As long as my freedom of speech is protected and my right to not be censored stands. PS: Also I am broke (since I’m just a blogger and in my 20s). If anyone has any problem with what a commenter posted (which I am not responsible for) I would be more than happy to delete any inappropriate comment by the people who replied.

Anyways I checked on WordPress and saw that I have not broken any rules. No threats, no impersonation. And rather it says to come to ME first. Also please do not take it so seriously. it’s just the net, just reality tv and I actually did not mean to offend anyone. Thank you.

Recommended Site: Beer Advocate

I WAS going to update my blog but blog shmog. I’ll update it later. In the mean time I have a notice to all beer lovers…

Today I want to review a website called

I have known of this site for some time but I just made an account with them.

I recommend this site because it is made by beer lovers, for beer lovers. If you are ever uncertain about what a beer is like, this is the place to go. As a beer lover, this is an awesome site and personally my first source for beer information. Fortunately this great idea has grown from a website in 1996 to an online community (website, forum, articles, events, user profiles and even a magazine) where all beer advocates come together. The founders of this site (brothers Jason & Todd Alström) have a motto: “Respect Beer” and I agree.

If you want to search for a specific beer or browse the articles, joining is not required but membership is free anyways. If you’re a member you can track the beers you’ve had as well as add your rating score and even write up your review. All I’ve done so far was give ratings from 1-5.

The reviews are very helpful in choosing the right beer and you do get your readings worth on beer styles, beer tasting under the Beer 101 article:

Here are some reviews of my latest beers I have tasted (and re-tasted in the past month):

Kind of disappointed that a beer that I like scored so average:

And here is a list of the top rated beers by the site and users, I find this very helpful in choosing a beer when I visit my favorite beer store BevMo)

There are even top beers by country/region and of course a list of the worst rated beers:

I’m kind of surprised to read that the beers I usually buy have scored average.

So why not search your favorite beer and see how it stands by the palates of other beer lover! And while you’re at it do what I do and choose a random top rated beer for your next shopping trip!

ps: I am interested in this highly rated exotic beer called “La Muerta” (which means The Dead in Spanish) it looks evil me likes mmm:

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Happy Valentine’s Day To ME (Warning- this might be a rant)

Again, it’s Valentine’s Day and guess who does not have a date??? 😀 Yeah me! The eternal loner!

The last time I had a Valentine’s date was 2004, long time ago. I don’t celebrate it anymore but to those that do- here are some of my very own tips.

First let’s review why I don’t have a Valentine’s date and why I am virtually undateable:

1) Well, take a look at all my local men options in the Inland Empire (California): Dating Profiles of Local Men for me at plentyofish

Yes all those guys are locals. Ummm no, sorry- I’ll pass.

2) It’s So Cal- inhabited by typical California dbags– aka the men who wear socks and sandals combined with their stupid shorts, and the hipsters typing on their little lap tops at Starbucks with emo hair combed over covering their eyes combined with a silly hat. Etc..etc.. To me they are all molds of the same boring guy. Same guys, same brains, same clothes just different faces. Whereas I like different exciting guys (who are not drones) but that is too rare. Ah to live in the times of Vincent Price.

3) My hatelist-mind has more turn off than turn ons

Turns offs that I hate: (with picture examples)

  • Glasses– sorry I don’t like them, I am just not attracted to this look. It’s cool if it’s only for reading. But if it’s permanent all day glasses it’s just nerdy and I know people think I’m  vain about it. It’s just not my thing. Wear contacts.
  • Too much 50 Gallons of skunk Cologne – A man in cologne is good. It’s distinguished and it says “I care about women smelling me”. It is a sign of an elegant masculine man. And I will melt for it if I smell a manly cologne on a man. But some men just drown themselves in cologne. Just go easy on it! I don’t want to taste it, I have before and it isn’t pretty! Now, one time I smelled a guy who smelled like oranges and I liked it, I don’t know what he was wearing.  So subtle clean manly smells are good. I enjoy it. But smelling like one went swimming in gallons of roses is a no. 
  •  Short Buzz Cuts- when a guys hair is too short that it’s impossible to run my fingers through the hair. NO! Bad hair! I like long hair, thank you. No 1950s Buzz Aldren or Johnny Unitas haircuts !
  • Super long hair– I like long hair. But in a strange irony if a guy has hair running all the way down the back that’s kind of not attractive either.  It just does not work unless one works as a knight in Medieval Times (Dinner and Tournament). For that matter, it is not ok to have super long hair to the point that you must tie it in a pony tail. Women wear pony tails, not men! That’s what I admire about Beck– he’s always kept his hair at a good length throughout his career. No pony tails and no overly long hair!
  • Super Curly hair and overly fur/hair dudes
  • Unibrows- Look, every man has a unibrow that’s ok. But when there is a obvious caterpillar living above your eyes that’s different. To me it says “I don’t care what I look like”. I mean you obviously see the caterpillar living on your forehead and you do nothing about it??? I don’t care to date a guy and his pet caterpillar. You lean over to kiss him and next thing you know the caterpillar jumps on your face.
  • Pretty Boys- I don’t like em. You wanna know what a pretty boy looks like? Here’s an example: another example.  Pretty boys like this repulse me yuk!
  •  Other random turn offs: not taking care of your body. Law enforcement/military men (I fought the law). Mr Clean heads under 30, people who bash exes and or only talk about themselves on the first dates, creepers, random weirdos. Guys who wear shorts that only serve to emphasize their hairy fat calves, if you’re not playing a sport just wear pants why is it so hard?! (And I don’t think fat men and women should ever wear shorts, even if its for sports). I also don’t like super pervs (it’s ok to be kinky but not full blown perv on the first dates wait for the right moment).
  • But above all CLOSE MINDED guys.

Turn ons:

  • Basically all the opposite of the turn offs. Especially open mindedness, high spirituality, connects with the universe, positive outlook on life. Non conformity, someone who thinks outside the norm. An old soul, someone in touch with the cosmos, gilgul. Who is not afraid to be different. In essence…I like a guy who is a different. Who is not a clone of all the same. I don’t like “normies” I like someone different. Someone not materialistic. Someone a is not afraid to be awkward. Maybe because I have a peculiar mind, I find an out of this world dork to be adorable.
  • I don’t believe in “love at first sight” and for that matter, I don’t know what love is. I think I only fell in love once in my life. Other than that, it’s not easy to connect with people because I feel like I am just looking at the world through a different window. Like an observer. So, I can not and have not ever been attracted to someone who then asked me out and a Hollywood ending happened. No such thing in real life. I can never “fall in love” unless I talk to the person and be friends first. Blah blah blah.

So I do have a rather “CRUEL” way of thinking (according to some people who think I’m a major b-word because of my turn off-list )  which is why I have been told that guys are afraid to approach me. Aww they’re scared of me 😦
But to an extent, aren’t these turn offs reasonable? Everyone has things they like in the opposite gender, and even though my particular turn off makes people think I’m a B.. I just have personal preferences and if I let go of my preferences then I wont be happy dating what I don’t like. That only makes people miserable.

If my turn offs make people afraid to approach me then so be it!  And I have also been told things like “Hey Lily, I have to confess something to you…I have a girlfriend/wife now but a couple of years ago,  I used to really like you/had a major crush on you but I just never had the guts to tell you because I knew you wouldn’t be interested in me/was afraid you would reject me, blah blah blah but it’s ok because I have a girlfriend/wife now so I don’t like you anymore….and that was a long time ago, Plus we’re just friends now so it’s cool lol”. Hahahahahaha! No It’s not ok to come back and tell me this!

I HATE hearing this nonsense because guess what, I think 85% of the time I would have said yes to these guys had they had the guts. And even if my answer would have been no, I am not going to laugh at someone’s face either. In fact, being brave and going for it is more attractive. Yeah! So big loss!

So, the moral of the story is SHUT UP with this ridiculous “I had a crush on you” story. It’s just insulting. I mean what’s worse getting dumped or finding out something like this years later.

PS: If I walk into a bar 1) all the guys already have girlfriends and 2) No one would ever approach me anyways so it doesn’t matter does it. Oh did I mention I hate Valentine’s day? Yes, I am invisible. Completely invisible.

The worst part is developing crushes. Oh yes, I may not know what love is…but I have had major crushes and they all end up badly. Because to these crushes I am nothing but a “sister” or “one of the mates”. 😦  Always hard to live through a crush.

Anyways here are some dating tips for Valentine’s day:

If you are going to date someone based off what an online picture looks like beware of the “angles”. Aka people who take pictures of themselves but they’re head is turned awkwardly away from the camera to show their “good side”.

If you don’t like fat people, beware of asking someone on a date who has old full body pictures of them (from when they were 18), or really far away full body pics combined with closeups of the face only. Chances are your loved one is a 400 pound beast.

Now, interestingly enough (and talking about crushes and my heart breaking) I once had a serious crush on a man (my first real love) the same exact thing happened to him. He asked a girl out without realizing she was well over 200lbs. He just went by her angle headshot pictures on Facebook. He was very surprised by it. So, I am just making a point- beware the angles. I was even more surprised that he did not know.

Beware of….

Beware of asking someone out on a date who disappears a lot. Like they’re with you some days of the week but disappears on the weekends or at the same times during the month. Chances are that they are married and take their spouse and or children out when they’re not with you. I’ve known people this happened to and it wasn’t pretty.

My biggest tip is beware of women who expect a man to pay for everything. Some guys are gentlemen and wont hear of a girl paying (at least at the beginning) but working girls like me are VERY comfortable with spending money, and yeah I had a relationship when the guy paid one date and I pay on the next one. The important thing is be comfortable to discuss how this works out. If you can’t figure this simple thing out- chances are you’re relationship will end up going nowhere.

Most of the other things I covered on my Marriage Sux video.

The Truth About Valentine’s

This is the day when your boyfriend/girlfriend expects you to be submissive and well behaved for the sole purpose of getting engaged! So enjoy!  yes, I’m sure many people will get engaged on this forsaken day…then they’ll just end up getting divorced in a few years.

I declare Virtual Dating to be Stupid

What is Virtual dating? Well, it’s this stupid thing where people make profiles and cartoon characters of themselves and have fake dates with each other. All while they sit on their ass at home watching their cartoon characters also sit on their ass on some fake internet “restaurant”. Here’s a screenshot of what a virtual date looks like (LOL)

Yeah this is going too far in my opinion

That’s right, you make a cartoon of yourself and date other cartoonized people in FAKE bodies. I mean come on, what are the chances your “virtual date” is going to be a hot blonde and perfect 10 like the screenshot above?

Crappy Happy Valentine’s Everyone!!!!

More on “Virtual Dating”