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  1. RelatetoMaxine permalink

    I have been reading this blog, and now you get to hear the final story on how Burger Kitchen ended. I see that a lot of material was gathered, and because of all of your hard work here… I was able to use Alan Gen and Daniels own words against them in court…..

    so here is how it played out. I equipped my friend for his day in court with a trial brief filled with a lot of very interesting exhibits, some which I see you have found and posted on your own.

    So the day of court comes, and Alan had been extremely hard to serve, avoiding everyone, but we decided we would try one last trick and it worked, he showed up in court because we had decided based on the show that there were issues with how he had set up the restaurant.

    Alan and Gen are in the courtroom, and when the case is call… Alan and Gen go up to the judge and Alan decides to fake a heart attack, using his right foot to go back back back.. and Gen is yelling.. Alan are you ok? Alan,! Alan!

    The sheriff is trying his best not to laugh, and struggling to hold in his laughter. The judge just lets the game play out, and least we had included this blog so that she would be prepared for this as we were sure Alan was going to derail the proceedings…… and as the rest of the court room looks on, Alan make an amazing recovery. ( I guess he felt that trick failed!)

    So the matter goes on, and the judge uses the trial brief to sort out the issues, and as she goes through Alan and Gen are becoming more incensed that all of this material is before the judge. “This is private information” they yell…. so the judge ask.. “Tell me what is private”… and there was nothing. They had done a highly public tv show, wrote all over the internet, and now it was coming back to bite them in the rear-end.

    We were able to show that Alan like an idiot, set up both a Corp and and LLC for the same business.. so which was it Alan? He decided it was a Corp. We learned in records file with the county of LA that Alan had bought a home in Malibu as his SOLE AND SEPARATE property as a MARRIED man… wow… he really did love Gen right? So about 3-4 years later, and Daniel was going to Malibu High, one day Alan decides in 2001 to transfer the house out of the blue to his wife Gen on a quick claim deed….. How sweet of him…. and then the house sells a few years later.

    There is no other property purchased. However.. there are other records that show Alan then did other things and it is not clear how he got into the Burger Kitchen exactly, but he manage to stiff a lot of people.. He stiffed a contractor who built out the place… he still LA Produce, a Meat company, and many others, and they have all sued… just not in the exact same fashion. There are verdicts all recorded… and you get the feeling they can collect on none.

    So then we look at the LLCs and Corps. Alan owned Polaris and Saffron Management Co.. but guess what.. Polaris had its status terminated by the state in I think it was 2003 and Saffron in 2005… so neither one of them has been in business for YEARS! Yet, Alan will have you believe that he is president of this entertainment company.. (LOL) — we think Saffron Management Corp was the company that owned Puzzle Zoo…. a crazy place on the Santa Monica Promenade for a few years.

    So now we get Gen’s Blog and does she blog… she states that she held a going out of business party for Daniel to honor her 17 year old dogs birthday… I thought, did I just read that right? OK…. and this party went on for three (3) days. She was offering all of Daniels friends French Fries and Cokes and she had called in a band to come and play… I found that rather interesting so I included that in my brief.. Here is a woman who owes money to everyone, and she is holding a 3 day party…. unbelieveable.

    Alan is out doing his thing.. Daniel is anywhere to be found, and then Burger Kitchen closes down and Gen with Alan go to Palm Desert to relax and “good bye burgers”– they just walked away from it all.

    Gen went to a talk with Marsha Clark…. and she took in the sun and nightlife…. and then there was silence.

    So I went back to all the bills they owed, and I summed it up. I realized that Alan had gone through money, he had taken monies in, and he had stiffed a lot of people, not to mention that they had gotten paid a hefty sum to be on Kitchen Nightmares.. and a Nightmare they were.

    What came to mind is that with all that was owed, all that was taken in, these two managed to run a restaurant, turn it over to a guy for nothing… and they probably lost very very little at the end of the day. There probably was never any $250.000 dumped into the restaurant because i went there to take a look….. impossible. the new owner paid nothing, but gave Alan and Daniel 10% of the new restaurant, and they will never see a penny of that….. and quietly just walked away– and the valet guys told me that one day it was burger kitchen and the next day new owners were there and everyone was surprised. Apparently they closed between January 2012 and February 7th.

    So at the end the judge took the matter under submission and two weeks later announced that liable person is the new restaurant.. Cafe Luigi’s who says now, he is making NO MONEY…. I dont believe him either.. he owns other restaurants, and is a game player too.

    Alan and Gen tried to get a restraining order on my friend because of my trial brief.. and they were in the court trying to get attorneys to help them. They were clearly not happy with my work, but oh well.

    To all of you who gave information, thanks. That address is Sherman Oaks, that did not belong to Alan… He was right where he said he was using people to front for him and lying about where he was.

    I honestly think that perhaps there was never any $250.000, and if there was … it is still in tack.
    There is stock that was issued, but you can cancel out a stock that is lost.. and it was not worth much anyway, so no real lose there if in fact it was the true item. I feel bad for Daniel…. he has to crazy living among people like that, and being that it was a corporation, as Alan told the court, and the LLC was never used.. he FIRED his attorney for creating the LLC…. Daniel was probably being mislead.

    Its all over, and Alan is just a joke!

    Alan says he has no money. I dont believe him.

    • Wow that is INCREDIBLE! I’m glad the comments people left and information to the links were of help to you. I’m in shock right now. Yes the minute they went to TV and plugged in the book, made headlines in Australian media to fight over Abe Saffron’s inheritance, there was nothing private about it.

  2. Hi! I love your blog. I wanted to give you some feedback, but I couldn’t find an email to contact you. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you so much! You certainly made my day. I love your blog so much!

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