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My Solution to the Ukraine-Russian crisis

August 2, 2014

My Solution to the Ukraine-Russian crisis

Since no one can decide on how to do it.

My resolution of the Ukraine-Russian Crisis- I’ll be quick with my bullet points

Ukraine must recognize that its Russian speaking citizens will have some connection and bond to Russia and do not want to turn their back on their ethnic homeland- and who want to do business with Russia.

  • Russian Ukrainians must recognize that the Ukrainian citizens want to be independent from Russian influence, particularly in Kyiv politics
  •   (note: Ukraine was independent for several years already- just heavily influenced by Moscow, but it was not “occupied” nor is having relations with   Russia going to add to some “occupation” that is just hysteria).
  • If the US wants Russia to stop supporting Ukraine-Russian separatists, the US has to do the same within Ukraine
  • A warrant should put out for the capture of the ones responsible for bringing down the plane (pending the investigation)
  • I propose a multistage plan where the Russian speaking areas of Russia (that want relations with Russia) would become autonomous TERRITORIES of Ukraine. (like Donetsk). In other words they would be a “Respublika” or Federal district of Ukraine. A self governing region that could choose to hold economic relations with Russia, but would remain a territory of Ukraine. Let us remember again that Ukraine was an independent country and has not been part of Russia for a few years. The issue was never one where Russian-Ukrainians want to be their own country or rejoin Russia. The issue is that they want to be in a relationship with Russia. Ukraine before the current revolution was independent but also friendly with Russia. You take that away from the parts where the majority are ethnic Russians and it created the conflict we see now.
  • This would only work if these federated republics would be given the guarantee that they can have economic relations with Russia.
  • If Ukraine guarantees their autonomous territories will have the right to do business with Russia for their regions, Russia should guarantee that they will recognize these regions as a foreign entity of Ukraine. (Just like they did with Ukraine when it was independent).
  • As the steps towards a resolution progress, the sanctions would decrease in parts until they disappear.

However, I am still figuring out the issue with Crimea, since there is no return from the point Crimea has gotten to. With Crimea, either there would be  a plan like the UK had with China over Hong Kong. Otherwise, there could be a compensation amount paid to Ukraine over the loss of Crimea throughout installments over a course of several years (like a pension). In other words, it would be as if making up for the taxes of the Crimean people that would partly go to Ukraine for a such and such period until a compensation is paid out (like rent to own). At the end of the payout, the claims would stop over Crimea and Ukraine. At this point, however, the only way Ukraine would get Crimea back is through an all out war with Russia, which would cause Russia to respond and create an international crisis. I do not believe the sanctions can go on forever. They won’t work and will backfire on the EU, who will slowly on their own start dropping the sanctions after a certain amount of passing time. Therefore, if the US cares about world affairs, they may suggest a monetary compensation to Ukraine over Crimea. Other than that, the reality is that Crimea is full of Russian people who want to be Russian and only a war would resolve it. So, with Crimea it’s either a war or a compensation.

-Personal rant about why the US “reset button with Russia failed”

First- a thought about why the west has failed to integrate Russia.

The US did not “win the cold war”, there were no winners, just a soviet system that ran it’s course and ended. It rotten from within and dissolved from the inside.  Yeltsin and Putin are regarded in Russia to have “saved” Russia during the transition from Communism to Democracy. The issue is Putin’s third questionable term that created some conflict, just like if Obama were to force himself into a third term, it would create a lot of conflict.

How has the west failed to integrate Russia into the west. First, we must look at the history of Russia, all the way back during the time of the Kievan Rus. Russia was always apart. It was not until the Grand Muscovy prince unified Russia as an empire that it grew into a giant. Often times, a giant we in the west fail to accept as an equal partner in the world. Perhaps because Russia is so vast. From the corners of Yekaterinburg to Kavkaz to Siberia. Russia is basically it’s own world, they have different races and ethnicities more than any other country.

How the west has failed to integrate Russia is by simply ignoring Russia, until we could not ignore the Soviet Union. Suddenly now there was something we were afraid of…the iron curtain! The west developed a fear/paranoia of the “Soviets” picturing their bleak life as a black and white uniform purgatory. Suddenly, the Soviet Union dissolves over night and somehow the patriotic USA Americans act as if they marched into Moscow and deposed the government themselves.

Russians, however, are and have always been like every other person. The way what we all want- the same needs. Historically, life has been different, but in reality- what was there to “fear” and why is there still some “soviet fear”?

The problem is that the west has really taken the dissolution of the USSR as some victory and therefore, Russia was bumped down to a “a looser and irrelevant as a first rate country”. Russia, however, took this criticism by arming itself and reaching first rate country status. Russia’s attempts to be a first rate world country member has been met with dislike in the west. Whenever Russia tries to pull forward in the world, the west (specially the US) accuses them of trying to bring back the Soviet Union again. In essence, they really don’t want Russia to be one of the first rate member countries. And while the US polices the world, heaven forbid Russia should try to do the same because it’s “soviet tactics”.

President Obama boldly claimed that he was going to press the “Reset button with Russia” but immediately before his first meeting with President Putin, Obama was interviewed and already criticizing Russia and Putin. Calling Putin old fashioned in diplomacy and saying Russia does not know how to do democracy. Is this how one resets the button? By criticizing those we want to be friends with?  Then you had Clinton talking about Putin and McCain. And we wonder what went wrong. If only there would be some way allies would get together without bringing out the verbal attacks.

Lastly, the US is being completely hypocritical in their handling of Ukraine. They side with separatist thugs that ransack Kyiv and depose the legally elected president and then support the questionable “elections”. On the other hand, they condemn Russia doing the same, aka:  Russia sides with separatists who ransack Crimea and condemn the Crimean referendum to join Russia. But again, the US is allowed to do what they do- and if Russia does the same, it’s all soviet tyrannical tactics.

The US sided and instigated these separatists and now vow them money because they are investing in Ukraine to become a US style democracy (which is the gospel of the US to spread to the world) and an ally. However, the Ukrainian politicians will remain corrupt and their country will be like a third world” like state anyways, regardless of how much money the US throws at them. In fact, the US throws a lot of money to many countries, yet they all remain in permanent “third world like” state. But why does the the US automatically side with any country that is anti-Russian? Maybe they really just don’t get along. Maybe Russia not handling over Snowden was the last straw. Maybe the Russian spies that were caught in New York not so long ago. Yet, even allies spies on allies, the NSA would know plenty about that. The point is, the US accuses Russia of “thumbing it’s nose” at the US, so the US does the same thing back. In other words, the US and Russia have committed several faults.

One thing to mention is that I am SICK of the western media and western politicians of accusing Putin of wanting to bring back the “soviet union”. He himself said “Whoever does not miss the soviet union has no heart, whoever wants it back has no brain”. Putin is not trying to resuscitate the USSR. The issue is not bringing back communism, the issue is that they want to regain the same influence in the former Soviet Bloc countries, but within the realms of the Russian Style Democracy. That is what created the problem. People acting with paranoia that Russian relations will bring back the horrors of communism. It is simply not happening.  On a side note, I was not offended by Putin telling the US in his oped that we are not special, maybe we needed to hear it. In fact, a big controversy in the US is that we tell out kids that they are special. But people like McCain took a great offense to this and ironically wrote an open response in the unpopular communist newspaper Pravda. 🙂 Extremely comical because his whole open letter should have been written to Soviet citizens back in the 40s, not free Russians under the democracy of modern day Russia.

In my perfect world, Russia would integrate with Europe. And no, Russia trying to gain some worldly influence is not a way to bring back the Soviet Union.


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