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Retro-Music Comeback? The Old Sound Is Back

November 7, 2013

I admit it, I am NO Bieber fan. Nor am I am Gaga fan. I know people just love them. I fancy a more retro taste, however. In my case, retro is in. Oldies are classics but they are only repeats of classics.

Retro-Music seems to always be in style. Perhaps it is because it’s always fun to reminisce about old times. We never got over The Doors and The Ramones. It could be 1980 or 2013 and “Let’s Go” is still playing while young people dance around. It may be 2013 and people are still going to do the hair/head shake while listening to the guitar riff in Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It just will never change. Some songs are just too classic.

But, how many bands make modern day music today, that sounds like it could belong in the radio station of the past? And I am not talking about remaking old songs into new songs. I am talking about original music made today, that sounds like it was written yesterday. And I am not talking about the current 80s revival music either . Make music that sound like The Beatles wrote it. Or the Stones.

Case in point, a new sound I heard and just had to share. I sat down next to my pc, hit “play” and relaxed while listening to the song. Suddenly I realized “this is Brilliant” Old music that is modern! What if…. modern day artists try something new for a change? Take the challenge and make modern day songs that sound like they belong in the past.

This composer did. Not only do I enjoy the songs but I find the tunes so catchy that they get stuck on my mind for a couple of hours, like a sweet aftertaste. I think is is quality music. Why can’t modern day music produce clean cut tunes like this:

The latest song just came out today. His second song was am homage to the classic sound of The Beach Boys. Believe me that song played in my head with an automatic replay button. And I was not complaining. I had to stick around for the next song and I heard a song that is classic, yet new. Old yet modern. Not only that, the lyrics are just real.

Fortunately, other artists also have the ability to make modern music with a “yesterday sound”. However, with the above artist I posted about, this is the first time I was transported to a time before I was even born. Picture this:

I am in a black and white movie and am walking alone in the early 1960s. In the distance I see and hear something down the Santa Monica Pier. All color of sounds appear and all sounds of joy. I then find myself in the middle of the crowd when a stampede of girls run to the stage to hear the latest bands play.

Well, this is only a dream, but it is what I feel when I hear that music. And how many times does this happen today? This is why I am both amazed and enamored by this sound!

While this composer is able to take us back to the 50s and early 60s. Other artists, such as Broadcast is able to transport us back to the 60s as well with the classic song “Come On Let’s Go”. MGMT takes us back to the time of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd with songs like “Weekend Wars” and “Siberian Breaks“. Or just plain Psychedelic 60s with “Flash Delirium”. The White Stripes take us back to the time of the Delta Blues with a modern twist. The Strokes took us to the time of The Ramones.

This is it, retro is not just about emulating and copying old things. It is about creating modern concepts that could easily fit today as in the past.

Rolling Stones in the 70s? No, it’s MGMT

60s-Psychedelic Fusion

Please suggest more artists…


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