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I’m BACK…..

November 6, 2013

As I sit here on a Wednesday night, drinking a dark beer- I suddenly had an urge to blog. Like the good old days. Suddenly, a warm feeling inside (memories of the past blogs) was replaced with an urge. The urge of what to write and when.

It has been months since I have written, the last blog was a bleak short metaphorical story. My most popular post is the “Kitchen Nightmares/Burger Kitchen” post. Which was a review of a TV reality show. Every time that show airs and re airs my stats rise up like fire. 800 vews, 1,000 views. Then, it all fades away like the dimming cinders of a bonfire. While the Kitchen Nightmares/Burger Kitchen post is the flagship “raison de etre” of my blog, I know nothing can ever compare to that post. The rest of my posts have been of trying to find my voice. Beer reviews, movie reviews, product reviews, name change. Whatever my place, I have not come up with a single theme.

Sure, some blogs do have a theme. From movie review blogs to religion blogs to political blogs. But what is my blog? I had a dream at some point, that my blog would be a fun place where I would share things that I would think about. That has been my problem, it is easy to loose track of a “theme” this way. What I want to do, is go back to my roots. This is investigations and hate lists. It’s what works for me. We all want to find out themes and I believe this is it for me.

Consequently, I have been reviewing my old blog topics and seriously, some past blogs have been so poorly written. I can really see how since I started writing in 2009- I have greatly improved. This could only mean that I can only keep improving.  I want to thank each and every one of you for staying for the ride.

So, something I learned… no one really cares if I like the coffee I had in the morning, even I don’t care. Rather than write for me, I want to write for the art and passion that is putting words together to send out ideas.

So, I  plan to redo my blog. Stay tuned, my friends.


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