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There was a bird…

January 10, 2013

(This was originally posted on 1/10/13- but made private- so officially the last post)

There was a bid in the forest. A white and black speckled creature. With a majestic tail and strong wings. A bird that would soar above the flowers and the trees. Over lakes and mountains. A free bird.

She would perch herself on her nest in the highest part of her tree. She had the ambition to one day build a nest in the highest tree. Little by little, she would build her nest on taller trees. But she knew the highest tree in the forest was a little farther away. But she never gave hope- she knew she would make it.

One day, as she took a bath in a pond, washing her wings and taking a drink; a human approached. He silently hid in some bushes. As the bird bathes and rested, the man threw a net to trap her. The poor bird was startled! And unable to fly away, she was at the mercy of the man. He grabbed the bird, it was too late for her.

He took her to his cabin, the poor bird putting up a fight. But to no avail. The man grabbed her wings and clipped them and threw her in a cage.

How will the bird be able to fly to the highest tree if she is in a cage. Perhaps one day, the man will leave the door open and she will fly away.


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