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Nakoula Basseley Nakoula/Sam Bacile- an open door to Anti-Semitism

September 16, 2012

(Pictures: the would be “Sam Bacile” with a comb over)

By now the news media is aware of the actions and consequences of Nakoula Bassely Nakoula…aka Sam Bacile. His film, Innocence of Muslims has spread like wildfire akin to that of the European anti-Muhammad cartoons. The movie itself looks like a spoof made by Tommy Wiseau or Adult Swim for their annual The Room April Fool’s Prank.

Unfortunately, this amateur and even ridiculous film is being blamed for the killings and violence that has erupted in the Middle East. A premeditated attack- yet blamed over a film. But rather than post the timeline and history or an expose about who Nakoula is, I am going to bring up a topic that is being ignored by the media.

If you do want a history and timeline I recommend these two posts:

Before the story unfolded, no one in the US knew about the film that sparked so much controversy. In fact, this has taken us by surprise. How could a movie that was virtually unknown in America for several months become a weapon against us by radical Islamist in the Middle East.

But here is one problem. Nakoula, under the guise of Sam Bacile the director, boldly proclaimed himself to be an Israeli-American Jew. Furthermore, he added that the movie was funded by anonymous Jewish donors and said Islam is cancer.,7340,L-4280316,00.html

However, this is the real “Sam Bacile”:

So, Sam Bacile/Nakoula is not really a Jew nor Israeli. Prompting some quick corrections by news outlets:

Nakoula, being an Egyptian Coptic Christian, would understand first hand the high levels of anti-Semitism in the Middle East. He would know that books like Mein Kamf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are some of the most popular books in Arab countries. From school books and book stores. Being a man born in Egypt he would understand the conflicts between the Arab world and Israel.

Nakoula understood this very well. He also understood the rage that his movie would cause. He knew it would bring about anger, protests, hatred, violence and death threats. And yet even though he himself is an Arab Christian,  he decided to call himself an “Israeli American Jew”. And that Jews funded the film. In other words, Zionists caused Muslims to become angry. Zionists plotted the film.

But why did Nakoula, knowing the consequences, call himself an Israeli Jew. He could have been responsible for more attacks on Jews all over the world. He could have been responsible for terrorists breaking into Chabad homes and Jewish schools to shoot at students. None of that happened this time, but Nakoula (through his plan of framing and scapegoating Jews for his film ) could have been responsible for attacks on more Synagogues, Jewish companies, schools the list goes on.

His decision to blame Jews for his film could be considered by some a blood libel. And to some, it may have been a calculated plan. During the shooting of the film, Nakoula introduced himself to actors as a wealthy Israeli real estate mogul, a Jew. One of the actors in the film explained that he proclaimed himself to be Israeli, later saying that he was Egyptian: 

Her is a quote from the Gawker article

According to Garcia, her three days on set last July were unremarkable. The film’s mysterious pseudonymous writer and director, “Sam Bacile,” has claimed to be an Israeli real estate mogul. But Garcia said Bacile told her he was Egyptian on set. Bacile had white hair and spoke Arabic to a number of “dark-skinned” men who hung around the set, she said. (A Bacile associate also told The Atlantic he wasn’t Israeli or Jewish.)

But for a while, everyone believed Sam Bacile was an Israeli Jew a that the film was concocted by an evil Jewish/Zionist scheme; the damage was out in the open. Look at Nakoula now. Once boldly proclaiming to be an Israeli Jew as Sam Bacile, is now recoiling in fear.

Permissible Anti-Semism

At the point when the film caught fire and was erroneously blamed on the killings of the American diplomats in Libya, news of the “Israeli Jewish Bacile” and his Zionist conspiracy was causing a lot of hateful anti-Semitic opinions to fly around the web. It was an anti-Semite’s dream- it really did not get any better. An Israeli Jew causes hatred that gets Americans killed.
The internet anti-Semites were ready to proclaim their hatred of Jews and Israel and used Sam Bacile as proof of their claims. (I will post pictures below). For the most part, people had a freeway to anti-Semitism. Calling for attacks on Jews, insulting remarks, stereotypes. Just like Hitler would blame Jews for the troubles of Germany did readers place blame on Sam Bacile and Jews for the troubles in the US, the Middle East. Scapegoating and blood libel. Yet the media is not following up on the anti-Semitism door that Nakoula opened by calling himself an “Israeli American Jew”.

Now that we all know that Bacile is an Arab Christian, however, none of the anti-Semitic attackers have commented on it.

White Nationalist forum Stormfront has made the 12+ page thread about Bacile/Nakoula’s film private:

I collected about 38 screenshots from the anti-Semitic attacks that resulted from Nakoula’s libel and am posting the slideshow so that everyone can see the hatred of some Yahoo users. These are the comments that user may leave under news story articles. I could not resist and replied to some of the anti-Semites, asking them how it feels now that they know that Nakoula is not a Jew but an Arab Coptic Christian. So far no reply. Here are the top hateful comments. Note how some of the comments have several thumbs up. Sadly, many people agreed with their hateful anti-Jewish sentiments. Which is an eye opener to see how anti-Semitism is growing. And how when a Jew gets blamed for something, it becomes permissible to say such anti-Semitic statements. Usually when people who are neutral, they tend to feel uncomfortable hearing racist comments.  But in this case (and after the brutal slaying of the diplomats and violence) many people seemed to agree with anti-Jewish attacks. in fact, it is permissible to call Jews insults. Let’s late a look: (courtesy of Yahoo comments)

Here is one that had NO thumbs other words no one disagreed with him. I had to reply to his post (he has not replied back)

There is plenty more where that came from, 38 screenshots and counting. Here is a slide show:

Why would Nakoula claim to be an Israeli Jew? He knew what he was doing. He knew what it could have caused to Jews. Is he a bigot who wanted to hit two birds with one stone. Attack Muslims while blaming Jews for it. In his case it did not work. But there is always the question of why.

For the most part, it seems that some people believe that anti-Semitic sentiments are prominent amongst the Middle Eastern Christian communities:

 I cannot say that this is the case with Nakoula until someone asks him why he pretended to be a Jew, but his actions speak loud and clear- he wanted Jews to be blamed for his film.

Personally, I experienced one attack from a Christian from Lebanon and some rude remarks by Copts. The Chrisitan from Lebanon asked me if I didn’t realize that The Holocaust happened to show us that G-d was no longer with us for “rejecting Jesus”. I let this man know many things in return. On the other hand, I met a very nice Jordanian Catholic man in college who was very open minded and loving of the Jewish people.

The Movie

As I mentioned previously, the movie seems like a spoof for an Adult Swim prank. It’s completely awful. The actress that spoke out in response to the film said she (and the other staff) had no idea this was meant to be an anti-Islam film.

Apparently she is correct. Her LinkedIn profile lists that she was in Desert Warrior (the working tittle of the film)

And Gawker magazine got a good screen shot of the original casting call for the film, under the working tittle Dessert Warrior:

It’s interesting that the casting call accepted SAG actors considering that by no means SAG would have been involved. And to be quite honest I don’t believe that any credible actor would accept to become involved with such a dubious casting call. One that does not go through agents.

In the end, it seems that the actors were duped. The media did not know about the film. It was out for a few months. Only when it was translated into Arabic did the violence begin and American readers started to comment on how Zionist  Jews are responsible for all the world troubles.

Nakoula could have said he was “An American Atheist” a “Greek Billionaire” a “South American Agnostic” a “European Buddhist” or simply “An American Filmmaker” but he used some calculated words “Israeli American Jew”.

The provocation the film caused became an opportunity for Westerners to be able to express their true feelings about Jews. We got a good glimpse at how acceptable it is to say anti-Jewish remarks under certain situations. And we saw how many agree with the sentiments. It makes one wonder, what else could happen to assist in bringing out the deep anti-Semitism of the average person?

We can begin by analyzing the roots of why Nakoula decided to call himself an “Israeli American Jew”. And it should be time for Yahoo (which is where I got my screenshots) and other news sources make a better expose of the anti-Semitism Nakoula provoked. In the end, I would like to note that nothing excuses the killings of any human being over this movie. Nothing excuses any attacks or the intolerance that we have seen from the Muslim world as a result of the film.

Other pictures:

I took this screenshot of Sam Bacile’s YouTube profile

How could people have believed that Sam Bacile was ever an Israeli Jew when his profile shows all his activity is from liking and commenting in Arabic? Not to mention that the begining of Innocent of Muslims shows persecution of Christians in Egypt. It is scary what people are willing to believe as long as it gets blamed on Zionists, Jews and Israel.


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