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The Funky Funky Shtetl? And other Video/Movie Review

April 27, 2012

Grettings! Here I am happy and with a smile again! Today I am reviewing 3 videos:

Morirse Esta En Hebreo (My Mexican Shivah)
A Movie Review In The Works

Now this is what I call and Indie of all Indie films! Because it’s a Mexican movie about Mexican Jews! And they happen to be Ashkenazi (European) Jews…in Mexico, who speak Yiddish, Hebrew and Spanish! And where you can hear a mixture of klezmer with Mexican mariachi! The actors, who are mostly Mexican, also happen to be Jews as well.
Now this movie, I watched before but don’t remember much because it was a long time ago but I look forward to watching it soon and giving a review. The Shivah (funeral) is for Moshe, the head of the household who dies suddenly. Now the entire family must gather for the 7 days of mourning for Moshe. But the problem is that the family is dysfunctional. From Moshe’s lover (a woman who no one likes) to Nicolas who turned Chassidic yet is in trouble with the law and to his own temptations. To an all out physical family fight!! This is what I call a fun movie unfold before your very eyes. Here is the trailer and I am looking forward to watching this ASAP!
Unfortunately the American preview has NO narration and it annoys me but here is the better Spanish one which I am also adding at the end of this post.

Funky funky shtetl!!! Chassidim Go To Hollywood!
This one is called “Changing Hollywood”

Shtetl, by the way is Yddish for a Jewish village so I find the song in the beginning of this video hilarious:

“Talking about the shtetl..the funky, funky shtetl…Life is hard for the chosen ones…the funky funky shtelt”

This short fim/video is about two Chassidic Jews (Shaya and Itche) and their oftentimes clueless journey into Hollywood as they try to pitch a script to Steven “Shpielberg”. And it’s just brilliant- Chassdic Jews trying to make in Hollywood! Shaya the leader and Itche the calm sidekick.
Funny highlights of the video: The store called “Felty hats” The Steven “Shpielberg” instead of Spielberg and of course the spelling of Shaya’s last name (Machanohavich…m-a-CHA!!..) To people confusing their Yiddish for bad words. Obviously the actors behind the characters are comedians and I think they did a fantastic job.
And I love how the video is mixed between modern music which contrasts nicely with Shaya and Itche’s style.

I rate this funny and interesting and I hope Shaya and Itche get a movie soon! There are some times in the video that you kind of have to understand some Jewish/Yiddish terms or culture…which is no problem for me. But even if you don’t understand all the things they say, it’s a great way to learn about another culture so don’t be shy, give it a try! 🙂


And finally a video of my new spiritual leader: The Hollywooder Rebbe
Ok, so he’s not real! But still I wish I had him as a Rebbe, he seems hilarious.
My review of the video: I LOVE Yankel! The Rebbe and Yankel are actual Hollywood professionals who are taking a hilarious take of the Hollywood industry. I love listening to the Rebbe talk about the industry through his shailos! Well done, Rebbe! I hope to hear from you again soon! (Note: some may not understand all terms…but once you do you see the hilariousness of the video)

Better and complete Spanish trailer for My Mexican Shivah


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