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Note: To any lawyers or upset people

March 9, 2012

If anyone has any issues with any of my blog posts let me say that you are more than welcomed to write me a message or send a C&D letter to WordPress and if they agree that any of my material is wrong I will be more than happy to edit or take anything down. I never thought an article of mine would cause so much controversy. All I did was ask some questions:

As far as what I wrote, everything is mere opinion. I’m not making accusations or threats, I am merely asking questions, posting links and asking the 2,000+ readers of that one controversial article to decide for themselves. I stand by my words as my right to free speech and as far as I know parody or opinions are not a crime. Also, I am not responsible for whatever people post on my comments and not responsible if others choose to copy the article into their blogs. And I don’t dox people either.

Anyways, if anyone still feels like my post is terrible then please approach either me in the comments section or WordPress and have them contact me. Should their legal team agree that there is something unethical in my post, then like I said I would be more than happy to get rid of any sections that might be labeled as breaking the WordPress TOS. As long as my freedom of speech is protected and my right to not be censored stands. PS: Also I am broke (since I’m just a blogger and in my 20s). If anyone has any problem with what a commenter posted (which I am not responsible for) I would be more than happy to delete any inappropriate comment by the people who replied.

Anyways I checked on WordPress and saw that I have not broken any rules. No threats, no impersonation. And rather it says to come to ME first. Also please do not take it so seriously. it’s just the net, just reality tv and I actually did not mean to offend anyone. Thank you.

  1. Steve permalink

    Millie, I am new to this blog but if I may comment I’d like to say this.

    I do not see anything that you wrote as libelous.

    Nor, do I really see anything that your posters wrote as libelous and even if there was, they would have to prove there was malice when it was written. I doubt anyone came to your blog with the intent of libeling anyone, hence no malice.

    Plus, if something is the truth, you can’t slander or libel a person as the truth is the best defense in any slander/libel case.

    Please don’t stop what you are doing, you are protected under the 1st Amendment like you pointed out and quit frankly I like this blog.

    Have a good weekend, Steve

    • Thanks Steve. Some people are overly sensitive even though I too see nothing wrong with my post
      :/ idk I was just making observations on the episode.

      • ian permalink

        well said millie, very diplomatic.
        feedom of speech and all that.
        some people have really lost the plot in life.
        if you dont like it. .dont read it!!! very simple, the internet has loads of other things

  2. JAMES J. FARREN permalink

    With such allegations of “Slander,” “libel,” “false allegations,” “intentionally harming(my) reputation”…. doesn’t thisbegin to sound like a flashback of the episodes you were refrering to?Just stating a point of view that is rooted in the First Amendment and covered by freedom of speech as it is not intended to cause harm to someone, xause panic or alarm, incite hate or fear.Therefore, no allegation of unprotected speech can be made, but the claims that were made agajnst your blog, lets just say that I smell ” some salmon.”

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