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Recommended Site: Beer Advocate

February 29, 2012

I WAS going to update my blog but blog shmog. I’ll update it later. In the mean time I have a notice to all beer lovers…

Today I want to review a website called

I have known of this site for some time but I just made an account with them.

I recommend this site because it is made by beer lovers, for beer lovers. If you are ever uncertain about what a beer is like, this is the place to go. As a beer lover, this is an awesome site and personally my first source for beer information. Fortunately this great idea has grown from a website in 1996 to an online community (website, forum, articles, events, user profiles and even a magazine) where all beer advocates come together. The founders of this site (brothers Jason & Todd Alström) have a motto: “Respect Beer” and I agree.

If you want to search for a specific beer or browse the articles, joining is not required but membership is free anyways. If you’re a member you can track the beers you’ve had as well as add your rating score and even write up your review. All I’ve done so far was give ratings from 1-5.

The reviews are very helpful in choosing the right beer and you do get your readings worth on beer styles, beer tasting under the Beer 101 article:

Here are some reviews of my latest beers I have tasted (and re-tasted in the past month):

Kind of disappointed that a beer that I like scored so average:

And here is a list of the top rated beers by the site and users, I find this very helpful in choosing a beer when I visit my favorite beer store BevMo)

There are even top beers by country/region and of course a list of the worst rated beers:

I’m kind of surprised to read that the beers I usually buy have scored average.

So why not search your favorite beer and see how it stands by the palates of other beer lover! And while you’re at it do what I do and choose a random top rated beer for your next shopping trip!

ps: I am interested in this highly rated exotic beer called “La Muerta” (which means The Dead in Spanish) it looks evil me likes mmm:


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