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Songs That I like But Music Videos That I Hate

February 13, 2012

I love all these songs, I just hate the music videos.
There are worse videos by songs I hate (like the stupid Safety Dance which is my enemy) you can find the Stupid Song-Stupider video list here:

Songs that I like but music videos I hate:

There are some amazing songs out there, but the music videos- not so much. It’s always sad to see a great song but bad music video. Here are some of my good-song-bad-video list:

Interpol: The Heinrich Maneuver
My favorite band released this amazing song- but the music video is soooo slow that I want to jump out the window. I swear I will end up with gray hair and old by the time the video is over:

Note the creepy looking guy on a cell phone, the slow moving action. It just kills me. Then you realize that everyone looks scared because the girl in the video had to slowest death ever. Oh well. Hate rating: 98%

Franz Ferdinand: Darts Of Pleasure

As good as the song is from this Scottish band, you get to see lead singer Alex Kapranos brushing his teeth for what like seems an eternity. And once that’s over you can see what it’s like to be the inside of his mouth- from the teeth to the tongue. Appreciably he kisses girls with his mouth open too. Fantastic

Ok so the song is great, and I can dance to it, which is what I love about Franz Ferdinand. Some people feel that showing the inside of his mouth is absolutely genius, others say it’s humorous. And it could be. Maybe I’m just crazy. I may be coming around though since it’s actually normal paced and not like Interpol’s super slow death. Hate rating: 50%. Sexy lyrics like “you can feel my lips undress your eyes” redeem the song.

The Chemical Brothers: Do It Again

Ah yes, cool song. Strange dancing from some kids and the adults around them. Nothing else to say: Hate Rating 70% only for the weird zombie dancing!

Interpol: Evil

Every Interpol fan LOVES this song but even the most loyal Interpol listeners often times find the puppet in the video weird. And many want to give it a good punch in the face.

The band did a great job with the song and Paul Bank’s voice is stunning. But I think the crash was caused by a drunk driver who fled the scene and left this puppet in it’s place. PS: WHY is the puppet dancing at the end!!! Hate rating: 85%. Come on Interpol!!

Other songs that I like but music videos that I hate (these are ties):

It’s a tie for David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes music video and Fashion music video. Sorry, David. I love you but I’m not into the videos. But it was the 80s so it’s forgivable.  But honestly I HATE the Fashion music video. I mean everyone’s dancing (very badly I may add) and then people are holding huge pills up and they get circled or some crap like that.

Badly Drawn Boy’s Year Of the Rat music video. WTH!? It’s like preaching peace on LSD (don’t like the song too much but the fact that I hate the video makes everyone get mad at me because it’s about world peace).

Of course nothing is worse than a great song that doesn’t even have a music video like this:

interpol – pioneer to the falls

Seriously, Interpol has no problem putting a stupid puppet on for the song Evil but don’t bother making a music video for this song.

Or this:

Grandaddy – He’s simple, he’s dumb, he’s the pilot

hailed as a modern day Bohemian Rhapsody, this is a great song without a music video 😦 WHY!

To clear the palate, I am throwing this video in here. Beck is great and he gets away with this video because the song is great and the video is humorous. If anyone else had done it, it would be a fail. Because Beck did it, it succeeds.


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