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This is me in the future

February 12, 2012

A few Sundays ago, I went to Disney’s Innoventions. A little section of Disnelyand dedicated to technology and what the future may look like for humanity.

I got my picture altered to what I may look like in 50 years and it wasn’t pretty.But anyways I wanted to share a video that I got while in Innoventions staring ME!All I had to do was take a picture of myself on a computer there. I was then asked where I would like to live. The city or the country. Obviously I chose country living. Then I was asked if I would see myself exploring the world or space. A no brainer since I love anything relating to space. After all these questions and with my face being processed by the machine I got this video (which I made a copy of). Yes that’s me!

I like the house I live in and drive a cool car and I live with a chick.

It was a cute video, don’t know the purpose of it but Walt Disney was always looking towards what the future would be. That is also why he wanted to include a “Tomorrowland” into his theme parks which showcased exhibitions of future living. Today’s Disneyland has stayed true to Walt’s vision by keeping the future alive in such places as Innoventions. Which is a combination of an inventions, convention exhibition mixed in with typical Disney imagineering.

Innoventions is a two story futuristic building. You enter through the second floor which is dedicated to hybrid cars of the future as well as all type of gaming consoles. (Think a technology convention). Here people can loose themselves by playing cutting edge games.

When you are finished, you can descend to the first floor where you enter a technology avdanced home of the future. Everything in the home was virtually computerized giving a glimpse of simple living that computers may bring to us. They even have MP3 players with preloaded music you could listen to and movies you can watch. They have All-In-Ones pc that you can explore!
Featured in the house was also a fully functioning humanoid robot that actually acts very human!

It was a pleasant experience overall. Could be boring to some unless those who would prefer to game room and who would like to get their fill on all type of technology products that are set to hit the market soon.




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