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What ever happened to Mr Golden Voice, Ted Williams

February 11, 2012



Some people may remember the video of a homeless man with the “golden voice”, Ted Williams.

After a career as a voice announcer, like Ted explained, alcohol and drugs got in the way. Ultimately leading him to a life of homelessness on the streets of Columbus Ohio. That is until his video went viral!

But what has happened to Ted Williams after the video surfaced.

He started to get numerous job offers, making tv commercial announcements and ultimately getting a permanent gig at a radio station. But the road back to success has not been easy. For a short while, Ted admitted to going back to alcohol and ended up checking into rehab. Went into reality TV for recovering addiction and second chances. Was briefly detained for an altercation with his daughter. Not to mention a long criminal record coming public, something which Ted has never denied. Ted has been vocal about the mistakes he made and what he learned from them, all while keeping a positive outlook at the blessing of second chances. In a way, he is stronger for learning from the past mistakes and for not giving up on beating his addictions.

Currently he has stable work, lives sober and his autobiography will be coming out soon.  He has spacious house complete with a studio for his voice over work and it looks like we will be hearing from him for a long time. He does have an incredible voice that it would be a waste to not hear it. His is a story about survival and keeping clean in order to keep the dream alive. Makes one think, it’s easy to forgot what we have until we see it gone.

Here is Ted Williams now and best luck to him:









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