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Facebook to Force Users To Switch to the new “Timeline” + More vids

January 25, 2012

Take a look at this:

Facebook forces Timeline


Already people are complaining about how much they hate Timeline, etc, etc… and how they’re angry and they don’t like it. And people are making a big deal about it, leaving nasty comments about how this is terrible and their entire life is over due to what an online site looks like. WOW.

My take to all these people:

1) Facebook is not yours. You are not the ones who developed facebook. You did not create it. Someone else did and someone else is making money off FB. Not you, the users.

2) It is a FREE service that is optional for people to sign up for. None of you users are paying money for it, none of you are subscribed and renting it as a person would rent out a car.

Yes Timeline is annoying… too bad. It’s free, the users are not the owners or FB, they are not paying for it so tough luck. People can either accept that regular users have no control over it or leave the place like some of us have. I have basically turned my blog into my own FB now. Do what I want, type what I want. Post what I want.

Nuff said.

Here are some comments that I’m talking about: (Again people, it’s FREE. If you were paying for it then yes be mad but no one is paying for it, it’s a free site, it’s optional so get over it).

(PS: Now that I ranted about this, I added three more videos. )


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