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Free Movies From YouTube….YES!!!

January 24, 2012

Even though YouTube has been offering movies for quite some time, people seem kind of confused when I tell them that they can see free full length films on the site! I have already watched several films on YT in the past months. Mostly campy 1950s horror films, documentaries and Silent films.

Although you can rent films straight from YT (which I do not) there is always the free options. Here is how: (I must spread the good word)


Once you click on Movies you can choose the category that you want. Feel like a comedy? Wanna go to sleep by the sound of horrific screams? Choose whatever you want. Or be like me and choose the “Free Movies” section.  Granted, most of the free films are unknown C list films but every month they seem to add maybe 2 or 3 good films and those are the ones to watch:

Here is the link: FREE MOVIES

Here is what it looks like:

Free Highlights of the month:

The Backwoods (Gary Oldman- thriller/suspense)
Donnie Brasco 
(Al Pacino, Johnny Depp-Action)
Girl, Interrupted (Wynona Ryder, Angelina Jolie- Drama)
The International (Clive Owen- thriller/suspense)
Groundhog Day      (Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell- Comedy)

And many more.

Do what I do, set the monitor next to your couch and watch away.

Here are the ones I’ve seen so far:

  1. Battle of Britain (Documentary- recommend)
  2. First Orbit (Documentary) First images of Earth from Space- kind of boring after a while but fascinating)
  3. Faust (Silent horror- AWESOME film)
  4. Teaserama (1950’s fetish film- Watching it right now because I was bored and it has Bettie Page)
  5. House on Haunted Hill
  6. Alice In Wonderland (LSD, 1960s version used in Pink Floyds See Emily Play video so I had to see it)
  7. Girl, Interrupted
  8. Sita Sings The Blues (Cute but not recommended for adults)
  9. Black Sunday (Horror)
  10. Vampyr (Silent horror)
  11. Nosferatu (Silent horror- recommend)

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