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US, UK, Canada, Love it or Leave it!

July 4, 2011

So let’s take a look at a video:

“Destroy America? Destroy Britain? Furious yet? You should.

I believe immigration is a natural occurrence in humanity’ world expansion. While it may be easy for us to see ourselves as a one country type of person (ie: I am Swiss, I am Korean, I am Argentinian, I am Canadian etc..) in reality, we have no idea about how our ancestors immigrated from land to land until the countries that we know, today, were settled. In other words, no matter how we may perceive ourselves, we are children of immigrants. From the Saxons, the Celts, the Visigoths, the Mongols, The Romans. Right up to present immigration. Arabs and Asians to Europe, Hispanics to America and so on.

This country, opened the doors to my family.  What have I done for the US… I assimilated, I learned the language, I respect the history of America. But then I look at immigrants who hate English and refuse to learn it. I see people who take whatever they can from the US and in return refuse to respect the Pledge of Allegiance or National Anthem. Go a head, have many kids, take food stamps, government housing and have your kids make fun of the white “gringos” and curse out America. I’m Hispanic and sadly, I see Hispanics who say they hate English. So I go to a store and see people demand that someone speak to them in Spanish. Once I overheard an employee say she preferred to help Hispanics rather than the “Americans”. What the hell is this crap? So I’m going to immigrate to Russia and demand that everyone speak to me in English and I will refuse to learn Russian right? Then I see some Moslim extremist like the one in the video above.

THIS right here, is what I do not understand. Why leave your country, which is obviously a hell hole and come to the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia etc… only to curse them out? I mean people immigrate for a better life. AS such you should be grateful that you arrived to a country that offers you that better life. These countries have been too giving, too stupid, too generous. I am not anti-immigration, as I mentioned earlier I believe immigration is a natural wave of human living. We are all immigrants.

But then you see something like that video

So this bastard obviously left a Middle Eastern country and settled in the UK. Enjoying the great economy of Britain, enjoying the freedom of Britain, the open-mindedness, the tolerance of society. He is enjoying all of those benefits that he obviously could not get in his native country…and look what he does, preaching the end of Britain. Turning it into a sharia hell hole like the one he came from. Popping out a few kids who will preach the same hate against the country that opened its doors to him and his family. Preaching the end of America, the destruction, the dominance of his religion over our governments. This is ridiculous.

And what do our countries to about it? Their response is to give more benefits. You can’t work so that you can spend all day preaching the collapse of our government? That’s ok, we will give you all this money. What’s that? You have 20 kids too? That’s ok we will give you more money that we collect from hardworking citizens AND we will give you free housing and pay for your kids education as well so that they can go to school and bully our kids that they will take over the entire country. And if our kids complain, they will be accused of being racist. Wonderful isn’t it? The term “racist” is thrown out when you disagree with the “death to the West”. You can’t stand up to this guy in the video without being called “anti-Islam” or “Islamophobic racist” and risk getting arrested for incitement to hate…for racism.

You know… I do not believe all immigrants are like this. I know there are good people who really love their new host countries. Who enter the US, UK, Canada etc… to work and learn the language and become great citizens. Who respect the history and people. That is good, that is the kind of immigration that brings economic success. But then you get these bastards, who flee their hell holes only to look at us with contempt, with disgust. Who promise to destroy us. Why even come to our countries in the first place? If you can’t love it, then leave it.

We made our countries what they are. Our forefathers fought for our freedom. Our forefathers fought the nazis, the axis powers, our independence. And we are proud of them, without them there would be no America or Canada or Britain or Australia (other countries too, I’m just focusing on the English speaking ones). Our forefathers build the countries we live in and we have our roots in.  And while our ancestors were building our countries where were these people? Now that our countries are great (from our own hard work) these people come in to SPIT on our heritage. To burn the US flag or call Britain a cancer. To hell with those bastards then! Leave the freaking country and preach your hate in your hell holes.

Sharia in my land? That is NEVER going to happen!

We work for a living, we don’t take handouts, we are proud of who we are. We will not let you come to our countries to tell us that our religions are offensive to you. To tell us that your religion will take over. It’s not.

The good side is that I know Islam is not like this. These are just a few militant extremist who are not the majority. The problem is the growing young population that is believing this nonsense. Just like I know many Hispanics who come to America are not English/America hating people either. There are good people and there are bad people. The question is what are our governments going to do about the rotten ones?

These extremist morons take advantage of our open-mindedness and use the guilt our politically correct moron government officials into accepting the “death to America, Britain is Cancer” chants. The reply of these politically correct fools is “oh well, they just say it because they are disenfranchised people who have suffered, and we did oppress them before, we colonized them, we were soo evil” Oh ok, so now they can come in millions to tell us they will take over. Open your eyes! Don’t let these hatemongers preach us out of our countries! A government that lets many many many of these people in who preach the end, the destruction of our countries, who threaten the normal livelihood of our future generations is a government that has to go!

Thar’s is why the 4th of July, Washington DC, the Queen,  Royal Wedding, Canada Day and other events are important. Because while these people preach hate and WE LET THEM, our western symbols remind us of who we are. And hopefully will remind us enough into taking pride in who we are. Enough pride to putting a stop to the extremist expansion.


This video explains it. Think you don’t have a problem?


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  1. Paul permalink

    The thing is – these people don’t hate us because we’re prosperous, free, have a better standard of life etc. They hate us because our governments led by the US have been bombing and oppressing them for years upon years. The US has something like 700 military bases around the world in about 150 countries. What would we think if China occupied the UK? What would we think if they built military bases here to protect their interests in north sea oil and installed their brand of government? We would of course rise up against them, and seek an end to their evil empire. So why should we be surprised to see others act the same way. These kinds of people are the result of what the CIA calls ‘blowback’ – the inevitable result of the policies of the US government and its allies.

    Try watching these:

    If you are eligible to vote for Ron Paul in the US election, think about doing so – he’s the ONLY politician who has the character and integrity to change the world. The rest are only interested in more wars to make more profit for Goldmann Sachs at the rest while everyone else suffers.

  2. I can respect that, don’t agree but hey, different opinions make things better. I’m not a Ron Paul supporter myself.

    There are US bases in Korea and Japan, as much as the locals hate having the bases there, they are not coming to our countries forcing Japanese or Korean on us or threatening jihad on us.
    There are US bases in Germany I don’t see Germans threatening to have us follow their religion or rising up against us. And it’s not like the US has the bases for FREE or anything the governments get compensation so they’re not complaining. How many Australian bases are in the world? Because the extremists I wrote about are also threatening Australia (which I mentioned in the post but not the tittle). Threatening the locals, threatening to rape Australian girls who don’t wear a hijab…wtf really? These people come to our countries, which are mostly christian.. see us women with our hair flowing about and it’s totally acceptable to threaten rape. Or call us “cancer” which only their religion can cure. I’m ok with Islam. Moslims are good people, it’s just the few extremists, but extremist exist in every religion, whether it be racist crazy christians or jews or buddhists.

    So what, there are bases in other countries. While I don’t know why the US needs to have them these bases are not exclusive to the middle east. This is more about fanatical religion sharia extremists than people acting out because they have been disenfranchised. Point being, not all people of middle eastern origin act this way, it’s just a few.

    My point is, if someone hates the US, Canada, UK, Australia etc… I don’t care where they are from..if they hate us and think they’re going to force their religion on us, they might as well start packing and going back. The good thing is that these people are the minority, even moslims think these extremists are crazy.

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