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We are all going to die!

June 24, 2011

I have realized the mortality of the human race.

We live on earth. From creatures that could not speak we evolved into creatures that yell at each other. Insult each other, fight, stab and shoot one another.

From creatures that developed our brain capacity as we evolved over millions of years, we mastered this world. And we think we are the masters of the universe (although many of us don’t even care about the universe when our concern is with chatting on our cell phones about how hot Johnny is or about how Jenny is hot).

We developed societies, built countries. A person can buy a piece of land and claim it as their own, build a great mansion on it and fill it with earthy possessions and yet in a matter of minutes, a tornado or hurricane can wipe it all away!! And it will be nothing!

What are we? Look at us, a product of passion and lust. We grow up and end up in a coffin. Look at us, taking pictures of one another and posting it up but in a a hundred, five hundred or a thousand years who will even know who you are, or who I am, or what facebook is?!

Our mortality does not end at the grave. It ends when we are forgotten. Do I know the name of my ancestors? Do I fondly remember them? No. Who will remember me and what will become of me.

While we are on Earth… you are driving to work, sitting in the morning traffic jam in your car. People honking at each other. When you are at an important business meeting, when you are sick or happy there is actually a greater universe. Far greater than we can ever comprehend!

As I sit here, the sun is rising in a part of Saturn. ice caps form in the moons of Mars. There is a great lightning storm in Neptune, far more deadly and stronger than any on earth.

Watch this video

This is actually what part of the universe sounds like. Each planet has its own sound. Can you imagine?

In a billion years, the Andromeda Galaxy will collide with our Milky Way Galaxy. Our solar system could potentially be destroyed! But by then, our own sun will have already turned into a red giant and all the water on Earth will be boiled out, meaning that humans on Earth WILL become extinct.

While we face our own demise at the grave, humanity faces the eternal and definite end at the will of the Universe.

And what is the Universe? Started from a bang and is expanding? Expanding to where. Do you realize that some supernovas create black holes that eat starts, planets, galaxies? These black holes can be billions of light years wide. A black hole could eat our galaxy if it traveled to us. Our moon could collide unto us, such as one of Saturn’s moons did at one point. If the universe was created from a single point and is expanding, what matter of space was there before the universe big-banged out of nothing? And what/where is the universe expanding to? What if the entire universe ends?

The point is, who are we. What are we, when we become such vein creatures. When all that matters is texting, movies, pleasure. All that if finite. It will not matter when we die or when this solar system is destroyed.

I want to explore the universe! I want to see the galaxies we have not seen. Scientists speculate that humans could one day terraform other planets and make the suitable for human life. Stephen Hawking said that human survival is not guaranteed unless we colonize space.

(a video of professor Hawking very interesting with a warning to humanity:

We have evolved from what we used to be. Just think in a million years (if we are still alive) what our future may be . maybe colonizing another galaxy and younger planets that do not face a red giant star or a galaxy collision. I wont be alive to experience what could be but I want my soul to be there.

I want to step on Mars and explore my favorite planet, Saturn. And see other planets in the universe. If anyone wants to join me, then let’s do it!

I want to explore my within and my without. And become one with the universe. Yes, there is something more. I have looked at so many videos from space lately and it is frighting, yet it’s home. Our home. I want to meditate and come to peace with all my questions.  I want to keep my memories alive, even after I am no more.

Please check these videos out. It is completely amazing to realize the sounds from space. When I watched them and heard them, I was amazed and scared.

This is how we will die:


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  1. Jonathan Shabbat permalink

    All that just shows Hashem’s Majesty and Master over Creation. You can come to the same conclusion by saying we are just mortal servants of Hashem, without turning to Buddhism.

    • Jonathan Shabbat permalink

      The sounds sound like Space videos. They sound similar to the background music in the computer game”Where in Space is Carmen San Diego”. I used to like to play the game from that series when I was 12 and 13.

  2. Jonathan Shabbat permalink

    I mean games in plural such as “Where in the World/US/Time/Space”. YEY!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Your timeline is wrong. The sun has about another 5 billion years left, and the Andromeda collision is 3-5 billion years away.

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