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Oh yeah, this is totally not “anti-Semitic”

June 21, 2011

(Disclaimer: I do NOT tolerate anti-Semitism or anti-Semitic Jew hating bastards)

So, today I read about a Palestinian cartoonist named Majed Badra. Described as a young talented artist who draws what he sees around him as a man living in Gaza.

He was accepted into a US based free speech program. Needless to say that he had his visa ready and was just one foot away from making his journey into the United States. However, the US government recently canceled his visa and he will now he unable to attend due to the fact that the US considers his cartoons to be anti-Semitic. (Meaning that his cartoons are anti-Jewish)

Now, Mr. Badra explains that his cartoons are not designed to be anti-Semitic; that there is nothing meant to be offensive against Jews. The cartoons are just meant to be anti-Israel (which happens to be comprised mostly of Jews) Oh ok, big difference! What a relief. So, let’s take a look at the cartoons that are supposed to be anti-Israel (and not anti-Jewish)

You saw that?

Let’s see Mr. Badra’s totally not Jew-hating artwork:

-Ugly looking Jews with fangs (like blood sucking blood libels of the middle ages)

-Ugly Jews with grotesque faces sitting next to temple menorahs while plotting the destruction of non-Jewish relics. Compared to an Arab man who is pleasant looking and just wants to have a nice dinner.

Badra says that this is totally not anti-Jewish…that he just draws what he sees around him. So I am guessing that from Gaza he sees Hasidic Jews with fangs and with little think bubbles about how to destroy. It’s interesting considering that he claims to be  attacking Israel (by drawing Hassidim).

This is my take on this:

1) As an artist, I’m sure he has talents. But these examples are not the best looking out of a portfolio. The quality is as if an angry kid drew them in elementary school.

2) Just MAN UP to the fact that yes this IS anti-Jewish. Come on, we are not little kids who are naive, obviously this is anti-Semitic. Please don’t act shocked by saying this is not anti-Jewish. “Oh look at me, I’m an artist, I draw ugly Jews with fangs wait…you’re telling me this is anti-Jewish? Well I”ll be darned! ”

(Or maybe Badra really doesn’t see any anti-Semitism in this which could signify his society’s acceptance for nazi-era big nosed Jews with fangs?)

3)  A true artist would be creative enough to show his discontent without getting into the nazi-era looking Jews with big noses and with grotesque faces. He would and should be artistic.

In other words, good artists would know how to make a bold statement without having it go into anti-Semitism. If he were creative enough he would be able to.

While Badra says that this is what he sees around him, I do not see him drawing ugly and grotesque Hamas terrorist who are throwing rockets into Israel… or snipers who shoot at random Israeli cities. Or how about Badra draws the ugly and grotesque blood thirsty faces of the evil civilians who went into an Israeli village and murdered this family:

The Fogel family- butchered in cold blood article

Video about the murders:

You see that baby in the picture?  The baby was 3 month old Hadas…3 MONTHS and yet two Palestinian men STABBED this baby to death and butchered the family, the two parents, an 11 and 4 year old as well.

They were killed by these @%@# who are proud to be baby and children killers and have “no regrets”:

While people in a nearby Palestinian village celebrated the murders by passing out candy and sweets (article)

But Badra gets to draw what he “sees around” him…that is ugly big nosed Chassidic Jews with fangs and his pleasant looking Arab man in his drawings who just want to have dinner while the evil Jews plot destruction. you know what? This IS hatred against Jews. Don’t call it anything else because that is what it IS. An anti-Semite who draws what he wants and ignores the other side (you know the side with the rockets and snipers that shoot at random Jews). How convenient of this “artist”.

I is my belief that there are good people and bad people everywhere. I discovered that and moved on. But people like Badra and his anti-Israel supporters look at the fang bloodthirsty Jews and applaud it…while ignoring the bad and hatefulness of their own community. (In other words, he conveniently ignores the evil hamas, PLO, Intifada blood suckers).

Barda’s “artwork”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       nazi “artwork”

  (Interesting, that is the same aim as Hamas- draw them too, Badra)

Or draw this sickening indoctrination…showing the actual children of a suicide murderess a reenactment of how their mother strapped some bombs to herself in order to commit a suicide bombing:

I said it before and I will say it again, children are the victims!

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