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Wikileaks….The Movie and minor updates

June 13, 2011

After the huge success of contemporary biopics such as The Social Network, Hollywood is going at it again, this time by conceiving the idea of making a WikiLeaks movie.

There are two versions to this story. One is that a Hollywood studio and director are securing the rights to make a WikiLeaks/Julian Assange film based on the biography of Julian’s life. The other version is that HBO and BBC are planing to make a TV WikLleaks/Assange film.

Version 1) The Steven Spielberg/Dreamworks version:

Version 2) HBO/BBC project for a tv film:|News|LatestNews

WikiLeaks has been around for several years but after taking on the giant (USA) with the Collateral Murder video and leaking of countless diplomatic cables, has WL been dominating the US spotlight. What makes WL stand out the most, is the fact that the organization does have the power, strength and brave ideals to expose any type of corruption and lies within any government. The USA (the self-crowned greatest country in the world) was deeply humbled by a simple site. Yes, this would make a great story. I can picture it now: This would be a thriller drama. Washington DC politicians enjoying their wealth, while in the other side of the world in Iraq two journalist are killed in a raid. The USA denying any deaths. An Army private that exposes the video and an interesting and attractive silver fox haired Australian and his team decode the file using hacking skills…translate the video and gives it to the world. The furious and embarrassed American politicians calling for Julian’s assassination, saying execution is too good for him, calling for Julian’s staff to be kidnapped.

A movie like this would have soldiers, politicians, schemes, twisted plots, secret government files, fake molestation charges and a good looking man in a suit named Julian.

It is possible that perhaps a WikiLeaks film is too early, although I would definitely watch it. There is a good story to be told, but the problem I see with it is that it seems the story is still taking place. Bradley Manning is still in prison and his trial will not start for many months. The villainous Americans are still trying to find loop holes in their cryptic espionage laws, Julians is still under house arrest on account on the two lying Swedish women. Is this story ready for a movie? Wikileaks may have been around for years but the present events are still unfolding before our very eyes. Nevertheless, a film like this would be good for exposing the good WL does for the world, the brave actions of Bradley Manning and the embarrassed and humiliated American and other governments (villains). That is unless the films follow the Hollywood tradition of painting the hero in a bad light, as many films do show the “bad” side of even the greatest heroes.


Presidential idiot…I mean hopeful Sarah Palin demands that Julian should be hunted down like an al-qaeda terrorist.

Another presidential wannabe, Mike Hucakbbe calls for Julian to be executed

Well, Sarah Palin is a political joke and luckily she will NEVER be president. Her and other American politicians who try to suck up for the sake of acting like strong presidential candidates.  I assume that plenty of people like them want to see Assange pay for the leaks. Accusing him of treason? What treason? He’s not an American so how did he betray us? All of this is preposterous.

What people like Palin fail to see about Wikileaks is the following:

People are LOYAL to Julian Assange!

Basically, there are two types of people who are loyal to Julian:

1) The emotional young idealists who like the spy-like environment. Their loyalty can falter when something else comes along. Would betray Wikileaks later.
2) The older (sometimes better educated) people who are passionate about justice and have a deep ethical belief in exposing corruption of governments and organizations. These are the ones will support WL firmly.


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