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Good News! You Don’t Need The Force To Move Objects Anymore

June 13, 2011

It’s always the Jedi who have all the good stuff, it seems. Moving objects and controlling your mind with a wave of the hand. Well, us normal people have not been able to find the way to accomplish this until now. Gone is the need for a high midi-chlorian count because modern scientists have found a method for our brain waves to control objects.

Unlike Jedi, who are able to do this by their mere power, normal people can have a head band device that reads our brainwaves and can allow us to raise light objects. Turn on lights, close curtains, move chairs.

This is the brain wave reader:

Basically, you put on one of these devices on your head and concentrate on the object you are trying to control. The neurons in your brain create waves that the device reads and causes the object to actually move.

There are many devices like the one shown above. This one is the NeuroSky but Wikipedia has an article with other examples:

Aside from the Star War references and in all seriousness I think there is some interesting potential with these devices.

What is interesting is that it seems humanity makes it own future. By this I mean the power of futuristic films affects our culture. Films that depict earth hundreds or thousands of years into the future have perfected space travel, people moving objects by waving their hands, flying cars, laser weapons. While these actions may be contained to a Hollywood imaginary world, scientist do concern themselves with the “what if” questions. What if we could make laser weapons. What if we could perfect space travel. Would people be making flying cars where it not for a movie concept of the future?

For now, we have a headband that reads neuron brainwaves. And after watching the next videos, I am very interested in seeing what will become of this technology.

Tan Le: A headset That Reads Your Brainwaves

This video shows the process of concentrating on an o, an explanation of how this works and a live demonstration. Later one, the usefulness of this type of device is shown. A man who cannot walk can control his wheelchair with his mind. With the wave of a hand, a person can control home object. Kind of a long video but I believe we will be hearing about similar devises in the future.

Of course, marketing executives have found a way to turn what could be a future every day commodity into a children’s Star Wars game and a mind reading game.

And I have to admit, as silly as it may look, I want to try one…. too bad that the headbands makes everyone look like nerdish idiots. But, why not?


1) The kid in the Force Trainer video looks bored as hell

2) You will look like a huge nerd with the headband and pointing at a ball.

So I might pass.


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