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Happy Birthday Star Wars

June 4, 2011

It seems like everything good happened in May and once again I missed it. So, happy belated birthday to Star Wars, which first premiered on May 25, 1977. A very good year indeed!  In a way (use your imagination and bear with me here) if it were not for the fact that this happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far way the Star Wars story could have been a soap-opera show. I mean, take away the light sabers, the space ships, the storm troopers and what do you have? A drama about a man training to be a knight who fell in love. A story of intrigue, passion, death, sex and birth. And so on.

That being said, Star Wars is AWESOME! Although I am the biggest Trekkie there is, I did dress up as a Jedi for Episode I. For Episode II, had my exfriend reluctantly honk at all the Star “Wart” geeks who were camping outside the movie theater for the grand opening. Oh and I had Princess Leia hair while waving, I made them so happy. (A girl liked them, you know what that means to them?)

I WISH I could have a time machine so that I could go back to 1977 and watch Star Wars for the first time. I can imagine how powerful the experience must have been. Can you imagine? You’re living in the 70s and are used to the terrible graphics and overbearing dialogue. Then one day you go to the movies and wow! No wonder Star Wars is so massive, because it was perfection on screen. Now, Episodes I, II and III are a different story and people have mixed feeling about them, but I can say that IV, V and VI are IT! One weekend I would like to have a massive movie-out…a weekend of watching a Star Wars marathon (and yeah throw some Spaceballs in there) wear Princess Leia’s slave girl outfit, have some beer, then have a blackout for the rest of the week.

I dedicate this entry to the Star Wars universe. Sending much love to all the memorable characters and the actors who could never get another job in Hollywood again (Sorry Mark Hamill- oh wait, he did have that embarrassing cameo in the Jay and Silent Bob movie )

Anyways, here is my tribute blog:

Star Wars Episode 4 goofs/mistakes:

My lightsaber is white in the dark (I mean just plain white) but then black in the day.


Lego Wars

Death Star Orientation:

Dark Forces. This used to be my favorite game in 1995! I STILL Play it today!

Spaceballs (Great Star Wars spoof movie!!)

Star Tours at Disneyland (I grew up going to this ride)

The Mighty Boosh AND Star Wars combined (My favorite show!) This is a little funny at first but honestly gets boring after a few minutes.

Silent Wars

Fam Guy promo

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