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Sound familiar? Oh and happy Memorial Day!

May 30, 2011

Today is Memorial Day and it is a time to remember our fallen heroes. From those who fought for American freedom in the revolutionary war,  the Civil War… to those who fought in conflicts like the Korean War or the Vietnam War and to those who have perished in Afghanistan or Iraq (which I wont get into because I don’t agree with it). I do value and respect the great sacrifice the men and women in the Armed forces give. I stand by my opinion that fighting in Iraq is NOT fighting for my freedom but soldiers do get much respect from me.

Anyways, I WILL remember the fallen, as a veteran myself. I salute them with pride!

Ok now that the formalities are over…. there are many patriotic songs out there like Battle Hymn of the Republic, America the Beautiful, This Land is Our Land. The Star Spangled Banner, And then you have My Country, Tis of Thee. Now, the interesting thing of My Country Tis of Thee is that it is basically G-D Save The Queen!! Same notes, but different lyrics. And yet, it is an American classic song that all children learn in school. This explains the history of the song,_%27Tis_of_Thee

Anyways, happy Memorial day. Enjoy this song that the Americans copied:


In fact…this could explain this  for all we know, obama himself might have not realized that the actual national Anthem, G-d Save The Queen was playing and he was supposed to shut his mouth- he might have thought “Oh it’s just My Country Tis of Thee playing, I’ll go right ahead”

*Disclaimer: Orthodox and other religious Jews write “G-d”


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  1. As the common meme goes, with a picture of Washington crossing the Delaware:


    We’ll kill you in your sleep on Christmas.

    (We’ll also steal your national anthem, or any other part of your culture that we find useful, and make a buck with it. Notice how many European fairy tales Disney has used.)

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