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A proper goodbye

May 30, 2011
  • Ronen Levi Yitzchak Segal

I never properly said goodbye to someone whose youtube videos I would watch until one day he stopped uploading new ones. No one heard from him in weeks until it was revealed that he had passed away.

This is his youtube channel:

Ronen was a religious Jew and he was very friendly. If you asked him a question he would make a video in response with great insight.

His neshama (Jewish soul) was full of ahavat Yisrael (love for the Jewish people) and love for the world. His soul was as beautiful as his eyes that looked at us through a webcam. He is survived by his two children.

I could not believe it when I heard that he was gone, it was like 2 years ago. There is also a Facebook group about him :      

The group has 451 members who constantly remember him. And a memorial page:

Ronen Levi Yitzchak Segal

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  1. Laura permalink

    I miss you so much! I miss your smile…..I miss your soul …. such a lost! His family must be lucky to have him around! even for not long time!

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