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At last, I talk about the bin laden raid

May 4, 2011

I am making a video about bin laden’s demise. It’s just easier to talk to a camera about it.

Basically, the danger will continue. Bin laden was a terrible monster, an evil beast who killed thousands. He and his followers are evil beasts.

Yes he is gone but the problem still remains, and that is the militant extremist groups who think their twisted version of jihadist Islam is right and all of us “satans” and pigs need to either submit to their delusions or die. The danger is not only the full blown jihadists but also the “moderate” taqiyya liars who pretend to be moderate but are also secret cells of militants. Kind of like the charities that were discovered to be funding al quaeda with charity money….yeah those people who pretend to be like everyone else but run to the extremist’s help when no one is looking.

Anyways, there is a man on Twitter who witnessed the entire raid on bin laden’s compound (which I call the rat’s nest). This man saw the entire events occur from his home and Tweeted about them, unaware that it was in fact bin laden’s house that was being raided and that it was the Navy Seals that were entering the compound. So he is watching all this unaware of who was in that home.

You can catch his Tweets here:!/ReallyVirtual

If you scroll down to the date of the raid, you can see his eyewitness account that he tweeted as the events unfolded. He is an instant celebrity, as people are flocking to his page.

Other than that, my video will explain my opinion on the demise of the hated bin laden.

In the mean time, here is an eye witness account of the bin laden raid:

An inside look at the compound, along with the street surrounding the home.


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