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Things NOT to get your mother on mother’s day

May 2, 2011

Mother’s Day Gift Guide from Bon Appetit – Yahoo! Shopping.

So I am currently in the process of launching my new It’s not quite ready yet, maybe today if I can finish it. Otherwise, I have all day tomorrow Monday to finish. I did not plan on writing a blog on this one anymore but I am compelled to write this.

I was looking at the website above to see some Mother’s Day gifts ideas “that your mother will absolutely love” at this site: Mother’s Day Gift Guide from Bon Appetit – Yahoo! Shopping. I don’t know what I’m getting my mother just yet so I took a look and the ideas SUCK!

Why in the world would a woman want to get dishware? Why would a woman want to get recipe boxes. Why would a woman want to get ANYTHING that reminds her that she has to cook and clean?
Take me for example, last December I got a tea pot (which is awesome) but then I got a portable tea container, tea strainer and dishes. I was like “ok, very funny, where are my real gifts” but no, that was it…a bunch of things for tea -_-

Getting a woman dish/cookware for a birthday or holiday is like saying “hey I had to get you a gift but I know you have no life or significant existence outside the house so I got you this blender so you can make me something…now get in the kitchen!” or “Hey mom, I got you a brand new iron, so now you can iron my shirts without leaving the wrinkles you always leave on them”.

Granted, this link does have a good gift and that is the perfume, women love perfume.

So here is my alternate Mother’s Day suggestion:

– Perfume: try to find out which one your mom likes. I know mine likes Youth Dew, Chanel 5, Tresor, Lucky #6. I personally and very fond of Clinique Happy Heart and Lucky #6. So check those fragrance suggestions out.

-Purses: Purses are a necessity for women and a fashion statement. And old ragged purse says “I’m too cheap” a nice one says “I care about looking smart” A really really expensive one says “I only care about money”. Etc… I suggest getting a medium one in a neutral tone, one that goes well with any color. Black, Tan, Brown etc. One with enough room inside too. And don’t forget to put a dollar in for luck. Instead of a purse you can get a ladies wallet that she can fit in her purse. One with room for checks, cards, money and pictures. Yes women carry LOTS of pictures in their purses.

– Lingerie” Note this one ONLY works if you’re the woman’s partner. If you are the woman’s son/daughter, this would be really awkward on both. Like saying “hey mom, I got you this neglige but please don’t use it on dad tonight…or any night…I just don’t want to picture it”.

Watch- A nice watch would be a hit! If she wants to get into shape, get a sports watch. If she’s a lady who likes to be well dressed, get a dressy one, this never fails.

There are many more options that I will list:

Subscriptionto her favorite magazine
Her favorite movies
Hair accessories like straightening irons or curlers.
Clothing (but that can get complicated, inquire within)
Bath salts but these must be combined with other items
Chocolates and flowers. CHOCOLATES are the best!!

DO NOT get her any cookware or house product! Unless of course she really doesn’t have a life and actually wants this. If she actually says I want an ironing board for my birthday.

There are women who don’t say anything. Then they get blenders and ovens and toasters for mother’s day and will smile and say thank you, but deep down inside she will resent it. And one day she will snap and all of you will get it, so treat your mothers right!


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