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Why Cars Will Never Fly

April 21, 2011

Updates: I am experimenting with Friendster to make a review about it on my blog- so far not good.

Also… all of the sudden I like Scandinavian music. Check it out.

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It’s 2011 and flying cars do not exist as promised in the 40’s and 50’s.

Human technology has come far. Remember the huge brick 1980s cell phones…now you can have a cell phone that fits in your palm. But humans have a long way to go, and technology is still in a shell. One day maybe we will build cities in planets far away. For now I will predict some things that will happen in the future…and flying cars are not happening any time soon. I will explain why.

Why we will not have flying cars:

1)Hover cars:

The best we can do is make something hover a few feet over the ground. Air is emitted at the bottom of the hovering item and hits against the ground thus making it hover thanks to the pressure in between.  How will it be convenient to make wind pressure make a car hover at long distances? And what is the point? If you’re only hovering a few inches or a foot over the ground there is no point, you might as well just drive on the road.

2) Helicopter car:

First of all, this would look hideous. Picture a helicopter/car machine. The blades alone would be enough danger. I mean imagine how many decapitations and amputations would happen if you have those blades flapping over you? Do not stick your head or hands out the window. Case in point, this will NOT work!

3) Airplane car:

This would probably be too much power for a car. Airplanes are so loud, can you imagine driving to work or to a vacation with the loud engines sound waves blasting though your head? This would also not work.

4) Expense:

For the reasons stated above..imagine how much gas you would have to put into a flying car. And the price tag of the car itself and the up keep make it not worth it. Then you have to take hours of flying car lessons and those will be about 1,000 per hour of lesson. And the fee to apply for the license and renewal fees will be in the mid thousands (I am taking inflation of the future into consideration in 2011 it would be like 500-700 for lessons and application fees). Not to mention that people will have to build landing strips or rent landing strips at the car airports for thousands more. So the fees just keep going up. Commercials about 10% off landing strips will play on tv.

5) Obvious reasons:

There are too many bad driver morons on the road as we speak…do we really need them flying over your house? How many accidents will they have? People crashing into each other, crashing into buildings. Flying all over the place, drunk flyers? MADF (Mother’s Against Drunk Flying). I don’t want to live into old age to hear someone say “bastards in the sky”.

6) Government road blocks:

Let’s say that at some point, humans can actually get a car to fly, what makes us peasants think that we will get our paws on one? If anything, the government will hog flying cars to themselves and only soldiers and government officials will get to drive them The rest of us insignificant serf peasants will not be allowed to touch these cars.

And even if flying cars would be marketed for private use, government agencies would spring up to create regulations and policies. There will be no fly zones, out of fear of people crashing into buildings. So you would not be allowed to drive your car to work, school or the mall. We would only be allowed to drive them in isolated areas and only for recreation. Businesses will create Family Flying Fun Zones. And Fly Races will become a major televised event (most likely in 4D). The penalty for flying a car in a no fly zone would be 10,000 and revocation of the license. At some point, a young child will die in a fly zone accident, a racer will die in a fly race etc…and after a huge press conference the Department of Flying Vehicles (which I will dub Department of Dying Vehicles) will overhaul the flying car rules. Police and the military will hide flying cars camouflaged into buildings and will be parked in the roofs, then they will swop over you to give you tickets.

I probably sound too pessimistic about this but I feel the private flying car market would just be too complicated.

So…the utopia that people in the 40s and 50s foresaw in the new millennium with flying cars was a little too far fetched. The reasons above make sense…we will not have flying cars and even if we do they will be very obtainable.

In futuristic movies, flying cars are everywhere. Flying at warp speed one behind the other. But no one stops to think about the accidents. These movies never show the problems and accidents flying cars cause. Or stop to show how people will have to call the car airport to reserve a landing strip which will cost about 12,000 per land. Public service announcements will go on about how nearly 500 people die every year from a flying car related accident.

But anyways, maybe all these ideas will be true some day. For now, it doesn’t matter if people dream about having a flying car, they will discover all these obstacles down the road.

For now, wikipedia has an article on this subject here:

The aircrafts in the article seem to have huge fans and not suitable for actual use. And are not true flying cars as we conceive flying cars to be. Just mini jets and semi car shaped ogre looking machines. To be honest, how many of those machines actually look like cars? They are basically mini jets with car wheels.

Actually, I think I’ll just make a video about this… so this topic is not over…To be continued…

In the mean time, there is this:


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