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Watch out….the commodore's in town

April 10, 2011

Does anyone remember the old Commodore 64? It actually came out the year of my birth, so yes it is pretty ancient.

This was a very popular computer that sold millions. And yet, like the Betamax and other rare 70s and 80s relics it disappeared. Remaining in the memory of many people, the company never forgot because now it’s back with a modern twist!

Imagine the old Commodore but with an upgrade…one that will allow you to surf the net, give you the ability to play the latest games with a nVidia graphics card, 2G’s of memory, dual core processor, blue ray disk ability and yet with the ability to play the old 8 bit games?

If you long for the old retro look but with the convenience of modernity then check this out.

I think this is quite an interesting concept. Retro has always been in style whether it be clothes and music but now computers are being unearthed from their electronic graves and right into the consumer’s homes. And I think I like it!

Check out the new commodore (and may  NES and Atari be back)






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