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Worst Pillow In The World

February 27, 2011

So today I am reviewing a product called “the worst pillow in the word” sorry, I mean “Jeffco Fibres Memory Foam Pillow”.

In short, my neck is in much pain and has been for quite some time! That is the short version, the long version begins with me at the store.

I was walking around looking for some gifts to buy. Usually, when I go to the store with a purpose, I most likely will find something totally different than what I was looking for. (Did I mention that I hate shopping? I hate it with a passion!)

After wondering the store I saw a product that I thought was amazing, one of the much talked about memory foam pillows. A pillow that becomes adjusted to your body. Gone are the days of the annoying bulky goose feather pillows! You know, the ones where the tips of the feathers would poke out at you. And gone are the days of cotton filled pillows that lost their shape. From now on, memory foam pillows are the wave of the future!

So I was standing in front of a row of these memory pillows, thinking of the possibilities of what could be. Me, in bed resting my head on a pillow of clouds. I was an idiot! The pillow came in a box and it did look promising. It looked like a professional product and it was on sale only $13.00! The box had pictures of people smiling as they gently rest on their memory pillows. I mean in real life, no one is actually  smiling when using a pillow but at last, I could too be smiling in bed just like them!

I always wanted one so I said “what the heck, I’ll take it!”. That is when my troubles started. First off, I paid for it and when I got home it wasn’t in my car! Not the pillow’s fault, I know. But it should have served as an omen of what was to come. You know in horror films something bad happens that lets you know something is evil? Yeah this should have been it for me. But I arranged for the pillow be turned over to me and I got it a few days later.

A few days later pass and the pillow sucks! It’s a contour shape and does not mold to anything, it’s more like a brick that holds your head up high while your body is all the way down in the mattress. It’s weird to explain but if you could get a mental image of what that looks, you could understand how painful it must feel. The first day my neck actually hurt so I went back to my flat torilla-like pillow. A few nights ago, I decided to give it another chance. Maybe I used it wrong? (If that’s possible I mean all I have to do is put my head on the damn thing!). But the pillow is a disappointment. The first night of giving it another chance was so so. I didn’t feel pain. The second night was like the Exorcist. (Pain and suffering). Same head high-body low feeling. My neck is strained. The pain has extended and I cannot recommend this pillow. It’s the worst pillow in the world! To make matters worse, my neck hurts when I try to turn my head to the right.

Sure it was on sale, but now I have to pay more to get a masseuse to make the pain go away. I know why this awful pillow was on sale now, because no one wants it.

I’m sure other Jeffco products are good. This pillow might just have been the runt of the litter.


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