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Secret CIA spy gadgets go on public Pictures – CBS News

February 22, 2011


Secret CIA spy gadgets go on public Pictures – CBS News.

Something that recently caught my attention and imagination is the CIA spy gadgets that have been made public. Think of a James Bond film, this might tingle our imagination, to think of a clever and sly secret agent with out of this world gadgets. Being a film, all these scenarios may seen too far fetched, as one watches the films we may wonder at what the world may be like if Bond’s gadgets did in fact exist.

Recently, however, the CIA’s secret gadgets have gone on display and a slide show of the items is available (link posted above). I could not help but think of the James Bond films. These inventions are not new, some are many years old. Whether these secret inventions were operational or not, they are a wonder and an example of what the human mind (and inspired by the film industry?) is capable of.

One thing to note is that these inventions were made during the cold war. Perhaps our competition with the then Soviet Union had something to do with government scientists working on these gadgets; some being quite clever and others being semi-laughable. Nevertheless, at some point in the past in a secret laboratory in the United States of America, engineers toiled away at designing and creating top secret machines that would be used by secret agents to spy on the enemy. With the insurgence of Wikileaks, the Mossad agent scandal across Europe and the Middle East, the recently deported Russian spies that were arrested in New York etc. we can take the James Bond imaginary inventions and perceive them as possible and tangible items that we may one day posses in our homes.  And if the amazing 007, CIA inventions can be attained, maybe one day we might live in Jetson style homes and own our own incredible and unlikely as it may seem. Then again, who would have imagined these gadgets.   I am posting some of these pictures, which were my favorite out of the slideshow:

A spy firefly








Underwater Spy “Fish” vehicle









Best way to read someone’s mail








Miniature camera that would fit into a tobacco pouch, perfect for the times where you must take pictures of top secret documents without anyone suspecting a thing.








*Special Thanks for CBS news, the originators of this topic. Be sure to visit their link for the article.



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  1. Renee Zellweger did a good job as Bridget Jones and i’m not the only one who says that.

    Makes you laugh though Frenchman plays a Scotsman and a Scotman playing a Spaniard in the same film LOL.

    • Millie permalink

      I agree about Renee.
      Lol Sean Connery must have just rolled his eyes when he saw who was cast.

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