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My Soon to be Bday. Talking about my generation…

October 12, 2010

(Note I started writing this last week).

Before I sound like The Who…. hey my Bday is coming up! Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars for the event of the century! Monday November 1st is the big day!

I will add another year to my life (*old). I expect my Big Trouble In Little China DVD on that day please (my last DVD had a little accident).  I love that movie, I know, I know…a girl should like chick flicks but I’m an 80s girl and I sometimes like cheesy campy 80s films (I even liked the second Poltergeist movie, it reminded me of living in the 80’s, minus the devil trying to steal my soul) . For some reason, I am such a tomboy. Anyways  this is ALL I want for my bday, other than happy bday wishes in the forms of hugs and kisses.

Time to look back. My generation was young in the early 90s. Too young to really be 80s and just right in the early 2000’s. Here is what I remember:

The 80’s
Bad hair (men AND women), Terrible fashion.
Some good  music /some crappy  music
Nintendo and so many crappy animation games.
8 tracks and LPs still popular
Me, in preschool, My first detention for sitting on a boy’s face
Omg 80s tv, 80s film, 80s radio terrible commercials
Country music officially died. Short shorts
With Disco dead, music had hope.
Pants were flared at the top and tight at the bottom
Ah Back to the future, Big Trouble in Little China, Ghostbusters!!
I survived the 80s!

The early 90’s:
The bad fashion continued, as we recovered from the 80s
David Bowie tried to continue being cool but it was too late
White guys trying to rap
I was in elementary school- started to hate all kids my age
My father got a bad perm and my mom got huge fake nails
My sister came to this world with the sole purpose to terrorize my life
Chabad telethon every year while “Married with Children” and “The Simpsons” rotted my brain
Won my first fight at school
The Addams Family. Hello Young Guns! Bram Stoker’s Dracula..home alone!
Everyone still wore really small shorts for the 1st half and long in the 2nd
Everyone wore their pants all the way up to their chests with huge belts for some reason.
We were all jerks who wore backpacks by one strap, cause we was “rad” Replace all Beatles LPs, cassettes and 8tracks with CD’s. Buy a walkman for $85.00.
Dial-up Internet!

Mid to Late 90s:
I became a teenager. Titanic
The Backstreet Boys and N’Sync were popular (and I despised it so)
Fashion was better but women put on a bunch of crap accessories
Me rebelling against “fashion” by wearing all dark turtlenecks and starting my own little counterculture. Labeled an outcast and a “beatnik” (still am)
Music at last started to recover and good 90s bands appeared mid 90s
First love in High School ❤ Aww
MP3? Wha…t is that? I’m scared. Let’s get DSL!

2000s (early to mid)

Finally in my late teens and early 20s I bid farewell to high school and started college….then the tragic 9/11 attacks that same year.
Fell in love with The Strokes, Jack White and Interpol
Almost got married at 20 but I managed to get out of that mess!
Joined the Army, died a little inside
Made great friends
Awesome TV and shows
Had fun all around.

I have to say out of all these years, the 2000s have been the best.

What is the future? Who knows.

I can guess at best. I remember watching the Addams Family (both the TV re-runs and the movies) while thinking wow that’s so me! I have always been the Wednesday Addams of the group. Always reserved (but wild on the inside) eccentric with a bit of dark humor, some sarcasticness although I am lovable. But if you watch the second Addams and see the Addams kids fight against the vanilla super cute kids you can see what I’m talking about. I would like to imagine my future being kind of like the Addams. While some women like me dream of a boring life in a pretty pink house with a white picket fence and flowers lining the entrance and rose hearts with glitter. I say “please dear goodness NO”

Here’s what I want:

I want a house like the one the Addams have, not perfect but not pink. No pink flowers but maybe hemp instead. A section on the wall for some guitars. Some whimsical wind chimes in the back. I want my own vegetable garden again, and I want to travel all over the world like in a hippie caravan and explore strange new places, like Jean-Luc Picard. I want to write and I want love all around from all those I care about.
Ok here is my big dream. Back in the day I wanted to do a screenwriting seminar with the New York Film academy. I could have gone anywhere in the world to do it but I never did.  Maybe someday I will do that too, Paris, London or New York screenwriting. I can dream big.

So this is it, my generation and I survived the 80s, we made it through the 90s and we partied in the 00’s.
Now we are reaching 30 in a few years but the world is just beginning for us, for me.  So the journey begins and maybe someday I will live in Mars. 🙂

FYI I remember about 90% of everything in this video!


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